Independence Day in Iraq in 2024

Independence Day in Iraq in 2024
  How long until Independence Day?
Independence Day
  Dates of Independence Day in Iraq
2025 Iraq Fri, Oct 3 National Holiday
2024 Iraq Thu, Oct 3 National Holiday
2023 Iraq Tue, Oct 3 National Holiday
2022 Iraq Mon, Oct 3 National Holiday
2021 Iraq Sun, Oct 3 National Holiday

Iraq's National Day celebrates and marks the independence of Iraq and the end of the British mandate on October 3rd 1932.

When is Iraqi Independence Day?

This national holiday is always celebrated on October 3rd. Also known as 'National Iraqi Day', Independence Day is Iraq's National Day and marks Iraq's independence from Britain in 1932.

History of Iraqi Independence Day

Until the end of the First World war, Iraq had been part of the Ottoman Empire. Following the collapse of Ottoman rule, Britain took control of Iraq, naming it the 'State of Iraq' and installing the Hashemite King, Faisal I, as their client ruler.

On October 3rd 1932, the Kingdom of Iraq was granted its independence by Britain and was admitted to the League of Nations, with King Faisal as its monarch. King Faisal died a year later in 1933 with his son, King Ghazi taking power. The monarchy lasted until 1958 when the 14 July Revolution led to Iraq becoming a republic.

Following the Ba'ath party's accession to power on July 17th 1968, that date was made Iraq's official national day until 2006.

In 2020, the Iraqi Cabinet directed the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to prepare a draft Iraq National Day Law, separate from the laws governing public holidays in Iraq, and to submit the draft law to the Council of Representatives.

The National Day celebrations include setting off fireworks and the distributing Iraqi flags to the citizens.

National Day

In August 2020, Iraq’s Cabinet agreed on a draft law to mark October 3rd as Iraq’s National Day. Announcing the decision, Iraq’s Culture Minister Hassan Nazim explained that “the importance of this day is that it is an official and international recognition of the establishment of the Iraqi state, to be among the first Arab (countries) to gain independence”.

National Flag

The national flag of Iraq has been in use since 2008. Its design is the same as the flag that was adopted when the Ba'ath party first came to power following a coup in 1963. The three horizontal bands of red, white and black came from the flag of the short-lived United Arab Republic. In 2008, the stars in the centre of the flag were replaced by the text 'God is great' in Arabic.

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