Iraqi Republic Day

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Iraqi Independence Day is Iraq's national holiday and marks Iraq's independence from Britain on 3 October 1932.

When is Iraqi Republic Day?

How long until Republic Day?
This holiday next takes place in 49 Days.
Dates of Republic Day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Tuesday July 14th
2019 Sunday July 14th
2018 Saturday July 14th
2017 Friday July 14th
1 Day
On 14 July 1958, the Hashemite monarchy was overthrown in Iraq by popular forces

Republic Day is a public holiday in Iraq that is observed on 14 July.

The holiday commemorates the overthrow of the Hashemite monarchy on 14 July 1958.

History of Republic Day in Iraq

Until the end of the First World war, Iraq had been part of the Ottoman Empire. Following the collapse of Ottoman rule, Britain took control of Iraq, naming it the 'State of Iraq' and installing the Hashemite King, Faisal I.

In 1932, Iraq became independent from Britain, with King Faisal as its monarch. King Faisal died a year later in 1933 with his son, King Ghazi taking power. On the death of King Ghazi in July 1939, his son, King Faisal II became King.

On 14 July 1958, a coup d'état overthrew the Hashemite monarchy with the King and members of the royal family killed during the uprising. The coup and formation of the republic brought Abd al-Karim Qasim to power as Prime Minister.

From 1968 until 2006, Republic Day was Iraq's official national day. Iraqi Independence Day (3 October) is now the national day.

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