Public Holiday in Except Kurdistan in 2024

Public Holiday in Except Kurdistan in 2024
  How long until Public Holiday?
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  Dates of Public Holiday in Except Kurdistan
2023 Jan 5, Mar 27
Mon, Mar 27Regional Holiday
Thu, Jan 5National Holiday
2022 May 23, Jul 22, Aug 4
Thu, Aug 4Government Holiday
Fri, Jul 22Government Holiday
Mon, May 23Government Holiday
2017 Thu, Aug 10Government Holiday
2016 Jul 20, Jul 21
Thu, Jul 21Government Holiday
Wed, Jul 20Government Holiday

The Iraqi government has announced a public holiday due to adverse weather conditions.

March 26th 2023

In response to the unusual and intense rainfall and hailstorms experienced in central and southern Iraq, Prime Minister Al-Sudani has declared a holiday across all provinces, excluding the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) territory.

The decision comes amid concerns of potential flash floods that could cause significant damage and pose a threat to residents. In an unexpected turn of events, large hailstones, also known as iced rain, pummeled Diwaniya, a city in southern Iraq, causing extensive damage to vehicles and shattering windscreens. Such an occurrence in these regions of Iraq during March is highly unusual and has raised concerns among the populace.

The wave of rain and floods has swept through various parts of Iraq, with many southern cities finding themselves inundated with rainwater.

Following the heavy rains in Diyala, Kirkuk, and other provinces, a severe dust storm accompanied by strong winds and thunder has been reported in Basra Governorate, southern Iraq. The situation continues to develop, and authorities are closely monitoring the weather conditions across the country.

January 5th 2023

The Iraqi government announced that it will be a public holiday on Thursday January 5th 2023 in all provinces due to ‘bad weather’ without elaborating. The ruling does not apply to the Kurdistan Region. 

Some Iraqi provinces have seen heavy rains since Tuesday, including the capital city of Baghdad. 

Amr Jabri, spokesperson for Iraq’s meteorology department, told Rudaw that they expect the rain to continue in the coming days. 

August 4th 2022

The Iraqi government has announced a bank holiday in eight governorates on Thursday August 4th 2022 due to high temperatures.

The local authorities in the governorates of Baghdad, Wasit, Najaf, Babil, Basra, Diwaniyah, Muthanna and Diyala suspended the official working hours due to the high temperatures in the country.

The Iraqi official weather forecast noted that the temperature would exceed 50 degrees Celsius in 8 Iraqi governorates, including Baghdad.

July 12th 2022

Due to the expected sand storm in Iraq, flights at all airports were suspended, while a public holiday was declared across the country. In a written statement made by the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, it was announced that flights at all airports would be suspended due to the sandstorm that will cause the visibility to fall below 100 meters, while the ministry warned the citizens, in particular, that lung patients should stay in their homes and not travel within the next 48 hours.

While the Iraqi Council of Ministers declared an official holiday across the country due to the approaching sandstorm, the Ministry of Education announced that education was given for one day.

May 23rd 2022

Due to the sandstorm that will last for two days and affect the whole country, Monday May 23rd 2022 has been declared a public holiday in all government offices and schools, upon the instruction of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi. Institutions providing health and safety services were excluded from the scope.

The Iraqi Ministry of Transport announced that flights at all country airports were suspended due to the sandstorm.

August 10th 2017

The Iraqi government has announced a mandatory official holiday beginning on Thursday due to a heatwave

July 20th - 21st 2016

The Iraqi government has announced a two-day mandatory official holiday beginning on Wednesday due to a heatwave.

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