Baghdad Liberation Day in Kurdistan in 2020

Baghdad Liberation Day in Kurdistan in 2020
Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan Image by Omer Barwary
  How long until Baghdad Liberation Day?
This holiday next takes place in 75 days.
  Dates of Baghdad Liberation Day in Kurdistan
2022 Sat, Apr 9Regional Holiday
2021 Fri, Apr 9Regional Holiday
2020 Thu, Apr 9Regional Holiday
2019 Tue, Apr 9Regional Holiday
2018 Mon, Apr 9Regional Holiday
Marks the day of overthrowing the former regime and the removal of Saddam Hussein’s rule from power

Ministries and government offices are closed. Businesses may also be closed.

A member of the Council of Babel Radi Jubouri said in a press statement that “the Council decided to consider on Tuesday an official holiday for all institutions and services of the state except service on the occasion of the fall of the regime and the martyrdom of Mr. Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr.

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