Independence Day in Indonesia in 2023

  How long until Independence Day?
Independence Day
  Dates of Independence Day in Indonesia
2024 Indonesia Sat, Aug 17 National Holiday
2023 Indonesia Thu, Aug 17 National Holiday
2022 Indonesia Wed, Aug 17 National Holiday
2021 Indonesia Tue, Aug 17 National Holiday
2020 Indonesia Mon, Aug 17 National Holiday

Marks Indonesia's declaration of independence from the Netherlands in 1945

  Local name
Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan R.I.

When is Indonesian Independence Day?

Always celebrated on 17th August, this is Indonesia's national day and marks Indonesia's declaration of independence from the Netherlands in 1945.

History of Indonesian Independence Day

Indonesia had been a Dutch colony for over 300 years when a group of revolutionaries declared independence on 17 August 1945.

It took Indonesians four years of diplomacy and armed struggle before their independence was formally granted by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.

Did you know?

The Indonesian language, now spoken by almost all 238 million inhabitants, is a variant of Malayan invented by nationalists in the 1920s.

Despite the granting of independence in 1945, it wasn't until 2005, that the Netherlands declared that they had decided to accept the date of 17 August 1945 as the date of Indonesia’s independence.

Indonesia is an archipelago of over 17,000 islands. It is the world's fourth most populous country. More than half of Indonesia's population live on Java, making it the world's most populous island.

How is Indonesian Independence Day celebrated?

This national holiday is celebrated throughout Indonesia with parades, community gatherings, athletic events involving adults and children such as sack races, and a multitude of cultural and performing arts festivals.

Traditions also include eating Indonesian crackers (known as 'krupuk') or fruit hanging on a string and climbing a pinang tree to reach for a prize. Panjat pinang is said to represent Indonesia’s battle for independence from the Dutch.

National Flag

The national flag of Indonesia is called 'Sang Saka Merah-Putih' (the sacred red and white) and was unveiled on 17 August 1945. The design is derived from the banner of Majapahit Empire in East Java which ruled in the region before the arrival of the Dutch.

The flag consists two equal horizontal stripes; the top red and the bottom white. The red represents courage and the white is purity.

Did you know?

Three facts about Independence Day

Two-thirds of the 17,508 islands that make up Indonesia are uninhabited.

The national animal is the komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard.

The Indonesian volcano, Mount Tambora, erupted in 1816. The eruption was so intense, it altered the climate so it was incredibly cold throughout the year. 1816 is known as The Year Without A Summer.

More facts about Independence Day

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