Cuti Bersama in Indonesia in 2020

Cuti Bersama in Indonesia in 2020
  How long until Cuti Bersama?
This holiday next takes place in 44 days.
  Dates of Cuti Bersama in Indonesia
2022 May 2, May 5, May 6, Dec 26
IndonesiaMon, Dec 26National Holiday
IndonesiaFri, May 6National Holiday
IndonesiaThu, May 5National Holiday
IndonesiaMon, May 2National Holiday
2020 May 22, May 26, May 27, May 28, May 29, Aug 21, Oct 30, Dec 24
IndonesiaThu, Dec 24National Holiday
IndonesiaFri, Oct 30National Holiday
IndonesiaFri, Aug 21National Holiday
IndonesiaFri, May 29National Holiday
IndonesiaThu, May 28National Holiday
IndonesiaWed, May 27National Holiday
IndonesiaTue, May 26National Holiday
IndonesiaFri, May 22National Holiday
2019 Jun 3, Jun 4, Jun 7, Dec 24
IndonesiaTue, Dec 24National Holiday
IndonesiaFri, Jun 7National Holiday
IndonesiaTue, Jun 4National Holiday
IndonesiaMon, Jun 3National Holiday
2018 Jun 13, Jun 14, Jun 18, Jun 19, Dec 24
IndonesiaMon, Dec 24National Holiday
IndonesiaTue, Jun 19National Holiday
IndonesiaMon, Jun 18National Holiday
IndonesiaThu, Jun 14National Holiday
IndonesiaWed, Jun 13National Holiday
2017 Jan 2, Jun 27, Jun 28, Jun 29, Jun 30, Dec 26
IndonesiaTue, Dec 26National Holiday
IndonesiaFri, Jun 30National Holiday
IndonesiaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
IndonesiaWed, Jun 28National Holiday
IndonesiaTue, Jun 27National Holiday
IndonesiaMon, Jan 2National Holiday
Besides official holiday, there are the so-called "libur bersama" or "cuti bersama", or joint leave(s) declared nationwide by the government

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