Bhratridwitiya in West Bengal in 2024

Bhratridwitiya in West Bengal in 2024
  How long until Bhratridwitiya?
  Dates of Bhratridwitiya in West Bengal
2024 Sun, Nov 3Regional Holiday
2023 Wed, Nov 15Regional Holiday
2022 Thu, Oct 27Regional Holiday

A prominent festival in West Bengal on the fifth day of Diwali.

Also known as Bhai Phota, Bhratridwitiya is a regional public holiday in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is observed on the fifth day of the Diwali festival.

Bengalis consider Bhai Phota as one of the prominent festivals. This festival represents the beautiful bond of love and affection between brothers and sisters. It is observed with lot of fervor and enthusiasm throughout Bengal. 

Bhai Phota ritual begins at the moment when Amavasya ends. Protipod & Dwitiya are the next tithis to Amavasya. 

According to legend it was on this day that the Yamuna River and her brother Yama were re-united after a long period of separation. Yama Raja (Dharam Raja) and Yamuna (Children of God Surya) are worshiped on this auspicious day. It was on this day the Yama raja visited his sister Yamuna of Gokul. The brother, who after bath in Yamuna or some other sacred river, visits her sister, no longer gets terror stricken by the thought of Yama Raja, the God of death.

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