Garia Puja in Tripura in 2020

Garia Puja in Tripura in 2020
  How long until Garia Puja?
This holiday next takes place in 13 days.
  Dates of Garia Puja in Tripura
2022 Sat, Apr 23Regional Holiday
2021 Mon, May 17Regional Holiday
2020 Apr 20, Apr 21
Tue, Apr 21Regional Holiday (additional day)
Mon, Apr 20Regional Holiday
2019 Mon, Apr 22Regional Holiday
2018 Sat, Apr 21Regional Holiday
Tripura only. A popular festival held on the seventh day of the month of Vaishakha

Garia Puja begins on the last day of the month of Chaitra. The festival continues for seven days with the last day being a regional state holiday in Tripura.

This is one of the most popular festivals among Tripurans. Garia is the deity of the household, so in order to keep the house in order and ensure peace and serenity inside the home; people worship Garia and celebrate this Puja with dedication.

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