Sikkim State Day in India in 2024

Sikkim State Day in India in 2024
  How long until Sikkim State Day?
Sikkim State Day
  Dates of Sikkim State Day in India
2025 Sikkim Fri, May 16 Regional Holiday
2024 Sikkim Thu, May 16 Regional Holiday
2023 Sikkim Tue, May 16 Regional Holiday
2022 Sikkim Mon, May 16 Regional Holiday
2021 Sikkim Sun, May 16 Regional Holiday

The Northeast Indian state of Sikkim joined the Indian union on May 16th 1975

When is Sikkim State Day?

This state holiday in Northeast India is observed on May 16th. It marks the day in 1975 when Sikkim became the 22nd state of India.

History of Sikkim State Day

The Kingdom of Sikkim dates back to the 17th century when it was founded by the Namgyal dynasty. It was ruled by a monarchy of Buddhist priest-kings known as Chogyal. Sikkim became a principality within British India in 1890.

After India and Pakistan's independence in 1947, Sikkim continued to have protectorate status within the Republic of India.

In 1975, growing unrest against the rule of the Chogyal, including a direct appeal from the Sikkim Prime Minister for Indian help, led to the Indian military deposing the Chogyal and abolishing the Sikkimese monarchy. A referendum was then held in which 97.5% of voters supported the abolition of the monarchy and led to Sikkim joining India as its 22nd state.

Nestled within the Himalayas, Sikkim is the least populous and second smallest of all Indian states. The peak of India's largest mountain, Kangchenjunga - the world's third-highest peak - lies within Sikkim.

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