Sati Sadhani Divas in India in 2024

Sati Sadhani Divas in India in 2024
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  How long until Sati Sadhani Divas?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Sati Sadhani Divas in India
2023 Assam Fri, Apr 21 Regional Holiday
2022 Assam Thu, Apr 21 Regional Holiday
2021 Assam Wed, Apr 21 Regional Holiday

A state holiday in Assam to honour the sacrifices made by the Sutiya Queen, Sati Sadhina.

When is Sati Sadhani Divas?

Sati Sadhani Divas is observed in the Indian state of Assam on April 21st each year.

This regional holiday honours, Sati Sadhani, the last queen of the Chutia Dynasty on the anniversary of her death in 1524.

Traditions of Sati Sadhani Divas

Sadhani was the daughter of the Chutia King Dharmadhwajpal also known as Dhirnarayan. Born in Sadiya in around 1493, she was married to a cow-herder named Nityapal, becoming queen in 1522.

It turns out that being a cow-herder wasn't the ideal preparation for kingship and Nityapai proved to be a bad leader, weakening his kingdom.

In 1524, the Ahoms took advantage and attacked the kingdom. They conquered Sadiya and killed Nityapal. So Sadhani who played a prominent role in the fight against the Ahoms was asked to marry Sadiyakhowa Gohain, the Ahom governor of Sadiya. 

Sadhani bravely chose death instead of dishonour, and sacrificed her own life by jumping from the top of Chandragiri hills near Sadiya in 1524.

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