Missionary Day in India in 2025

Missionary Day in India in 2025
  How long until Missionary Day?
Missionary Day
  Dates of Missionary Day in India
2025 Mizoram Sat, Jan 11 Regional Holiday
2024 Mizoram Thu, Jan 11 Regional Holiday
2023 Mizoram Wed, Jan 11 Regional Holiday
2022 Mizoram Tue, Jan 11 Regional Holiday
2021 Mizoram Mon, Jan 11 Regional Holiday

Marks the arrival of two Christian missionaries to the region in 1894

When is Missionary Day?

Missionary Day is a regional holiday in Mizoram, India that commemorates the arrival of two Welsh Christian missionaries in the state over a century ago.

This holiday is always celebrated on January 11th and is declared as a public holiday by the state government. Government offices and educational institutions will be closed on this day.

History of Missionary Day

Rev J H Lorrain and Rev F W Savidge arrived in the then Lushai country (Mizoram) by boat from Assam on January 11th 1894 to spread Christianity in the region. This resulted in conversion of almost all the Mizos to the new religion.

The missionaries established the Presbyterian Church in northern part of Mizoram and the Baptist Church in the southern part of the state.

To mark the day, local churches will hold prayers and organise community feasts.

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