Thomas Jones Day in Meghalaya in 2024

Thomas Jones Day in Meghalaya in 2024
  How long until Thomas Jones Day?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Thomas Jones Day in Meghalaya
2019 Sat, Jun 22Regional Holiday
2018 Fri, Jun 22Regional Holiday

Commemorates the arrival of a missionary to Meghalaya in the 19th century

About Thomas Jones Day

In 2018, the Meghalaya state government announced that June 22nd, the date of Thomas Jones's arrival at Sohra, would be celebrated as "Thomas Jones Day" every year.

This has not been enacted as a holiday in the years since. However a Special Holiday is declared for all State Government Offices and all Revenue and Magisterial Courts and Educational Institutions in East Khasi Hills District, South West Khasi Hills District, West Khasi Hills District, East Jaintia Hills District, West Jaintia Hills District and Ribhoi District on June 22nd to celebrate “Rev. Thomas Jones Day”

Reverend Thomas Jones was a 19th century Welsh Christian missionary, who worked among the Khasi people of Meghalaya and Assam in India and of Bangladesh.

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