Me-dam-me-phi in India in 2025

Me-dam-me-phi in India in 2025
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  How long until Me-dam-me-phi?
  Dates of Me-dam-me-phi in India
2025 Assam Fri, Jan 31 Regional Holiday
2024 Assam Wed, Jan 31 Regional Holiday
2023 Assam Tue, Jan 31 Regional Holiday
2022 Assam Mon, Jan 31 Regional Holiday
2021 Assam Sun, Jan 31 Regional Holiday

Assam. Celebrated by the Ahom people on 31st January in memory of the departed

When is Me-dam-me-phi?

Me-dam-me-phi is a state holiday observed in Assam on January 31st.

This festival is celebrated by the Ahom people in memory of the departed.

Traditions of Me-dam-me-phi

This has been one of the most important festivals of the Ahom since at least their arrival in Assam in the 12th century.

It is a festival to show respect to the departed ancestors and remember their contribution to society.

The word 'Me' means offerings. 'Dam' means ancestors and 'Phi' means gods. So while this festival is seen as ancestor worship, the name reflects the Ahom belief that ancestors soon turn to gods, when an individual's immortal soul joins with the soul of the supreme being.

During Me-dam-me-phi, three Gods: Grihadam, Dam Changphi, and Me Dam Me Phi, the god of heaven, are worshipped and offered gifts.

For families, the ceremony remains intimate and usually takes place in the kitchen. A pillar called Damkhuta is created, which becomes the focus for worship and to place offerings such as homemade wine, mah-prasad (beans and chickpeas), and rice with meat and fish.

A public ceremony for Me-dam-me-Phi has taken place in Charaideo, Assam for over 400 years. Charaideo was the first permanent capital of the Ahom kingdom from the 13th century and was the burial site for the kings of the Ahom dynasty.

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