Patriot's Day in Manipur in 2024

Patriot's Day in Manipur in 2024
Anglo-Manipur War 1891.
  How long until Patriot's Day?
Patriot's Day
  Dates of Patriot's Day in Manipur
2025 Wed, Aug 13Regional Holiday
2024 Tue, Aug 13Regional Holiday
2023 Sun, Aug 13Regional Holiday
2022 Sat, Aug 13Regional Holiday
2021 Fri, Aug 13Regional Holiday

Remembers those who fought against the British during the Anglo-Manipuri war

When is Patriot's Day?

Patriot's Day is a regional Indian public holiday observed in Manipur state on August 13th each year.

It commemorates all those who lost their lives while defying the British Empire in 1891.

History of Patriot's Day

Britain took advantage of internal conflict after the death of Maharaja Chandrakriti in 1886 to take control of the independent princely state of Manipur.

The British sent a small number of troops to annex the state, where they were met by heavy resistance. The British authorities reacted to this by sending three columns of their army to Manipur, leading to the Anglo-Manipuri war of 1891.

The Manipuris put up a brave resistance against the colonial soldiers, but their weapons and number were no match for the massed ranks of advanced British infantry. 

After they had won the war, the British moved to quell any signs of rebellion and arrested those who had been involved in trying to defend their land, sentencing the key figures to death.

On August 13th 1891, Yuvaraj Bir Tikendrajit, Thangal General and Paona Brajabasi were hanged at Bir Tikendrajit Park.

Each year, the people of this northwestern Indian state observe Patriots' Day in remembrance of all those brave patriots who laid down their lives in defence of the Manipuri nation in the face of overwhelming odds.

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