Ningol Chakkouba in Manipur in 2024

Ningol Chakkouba in Manipur in 2024
Ningol Chakouba in Pune, Maharashtra Image by N. Brojendro , via
  How long until Ningol Chakkouba?
Ningol Chakkouba
  Dates of Ningol Chakkouba in Manipur
2025 Fri, Oct 24Regional Holiday
2024 Sun, Nov 3Regional Holiday
2023 Wed, Nov 15Regional Holiday
2022 Thu, Oct 27Regional Holiday
2021 Fri, Nov 5Regional Holiday

During this popular festival, married sisters and daughters are invited to the parental house for a grand feast

When is Ningol Chakouba?

Ningol Chakouba is an Indian state-level holiday observed in Manipur observed on the second day of the month of Heyangei, which means it usually takes place in late October or November.

Traditions of Ningol Chakouba

The many colourful festivals of this northeastern Indian state are opportunities to showcase the culture and traditions of the region's unique communities and tribes. 

Ningol Chakouba is no exception. It is a festival of the Meitei community, which is the majority ethnic group in Manipur.

Handily, if we translate the name of this festival from Manipuri, what happens at this festival becomes very clear - 'Ningol' means married daughter and 'Chakouba' means an invitation for a lunch at the mother's house.

On Ningol Chakouba parents welcome their wedded daughters to their "mapam" (mother's house) for a grand feast. 

The married women visit in their finest traditional attire with their children. Gifts are offered with a blessing to the daughters and the grandchildren by the parents.

The son of the family formally does the invitation one week in advance, to his sister.

With no particular religious elements, this is a popular social celebration aimed at strengthening the bond of love and affection between married women and their parental families. 

It is also a welcome occasion to meet both family and friends, some of whom may live far away.

The popularity of this festival means it is also celebrated in the Meitei diaspora outside Manipur.

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