Khongjom Day in Manipur in 2025

Khongjom Day in Manipur in 2025
Khongjom war memorial complex at night. Image by Ronald Singh
  How long until Khongjom Day?
Khongjom Day
  Dates of Khongjom Day in Manipur
2025 Wed, Apr 23Regional Holiday
2023 Sun, Apr 23Regional Holiday
2022 Sat, Apr 23Regional Holiday
2021 Fri, Apr 23Regional Holiday

Marks the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891, on the anniversary of an important battle.

When is Khongjom Day?

Khongjom Day is a regional public holiday in the Indian state of Manipur. It is observed every year on April 23rd.

It marks the anniversary of a battle that was fought at the Kheba hills of Khongjom in Manipur in 1891.

History of Khongjom Day

This day is observed to pay tribute to the war heroes of the 1891 Anglo-Manipuri War, who sacrificed their lives fighting against the British to protect the freedom of Manipur. 

On this day in 1891, Manipuri soldiers led by Paona Brajabashi fought a fierce battle with British forces at the southern fringe of Manipur valley at Khongjom. 

Paona Brajabashi and hundreds of his brave soldiers died in the battle fighting the enemy. 

Despite the British having more troops and superior weaponry, the Manipuri bravely faced the British forces even after knowing that they would be defeated, in order to save the sovereignty of their motherland. They died heroic deaths leaving a huge inspiration for the future generation

The war has its significance in Indian history for the bravery of the soldiers that fought against a three-pronged British attack, from Silchar, Kohima, and Myanmar. 

The war lasted between 31 March and 27 April 1891, ending in a British victory.

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