Yaosang 2nd Day in India in 2025

Yaosang 2nd Day in India in 2025
  How long until Yaosang 2nd Day?
Yaosang 2nd Day
  Dates of Yaosang 2nd Day in India
2025 Manipur Fri, Mar 14 Regional Holiday
2024 Manipur Tue, Mar 26 Regional Holiday
2023 Manipur Wed, Mar 8 Regional Holiday
2022 Mar 18, Mar 19
ManipurSat, Mar 19Regional Holiday
ManipurFri, Mar 18Regional Holiday
2021 Manipur Mon, Mar 29 Regional Holiday

Manipur. This festival that combines Hindu and folk traditions is celebrated for five days in spring on the full moon in the month of Lamda

When is Yaosang?

Yaosang is celebrated for five days starting on the full moon day in the month of Lamda, which means it usually falls in late February or March and falls on the same day as Holi. The second day of Yaosang is a public holiday in the northeastern Indian state of Manipur.

Traditions of Yaosang

Yaosang is a folk festival observed by the Meitei people, the largest ethnic group in Manipur. It has been celebrated for about three centuries and over that time it has evolved from a tribal agricultural festival absorbing Hindu influences.

For instance, falling on the same day as Holi, Yaosang shares some elements such as the burning of a fire on the night before.

During the festival, donations are collected from house to house and the money is spent on parties and feasts.

A unique feature of Yaosang is the Thabal Chongba, a Manipuri folk dance in which boys and girls hold hands and dance under the moonlight in traditional clothing.

Another Meitei element is the focus on traditional sports such as wrestling and horse-riding. This love of sport should come as no surprise as the Meitei gave the world the sport of polo.

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