Lakshmi Puja in India in 2019

Lakshmi Puja in India in 2019
Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Image via Pixabay
  How long until Lakshmi Puja?
This holiday next takes place in 28 days.
  Dates of Lakshmi Puja in India
2021 Oct 19
OdishaTue, Oct 19Regional Holiday
TripuraTue, Oct 19Regional Holiday
West BengalTue, Oct 19Regional Holiday
2020 Oct 31
OdishaSat, Oct 31Regional Holiday
TripuraSat, Oct 31Regional Holiday
West BengalSat, Oct 31Regional Holiday
2019 Oct 13
OdishaSun, Oct 13Regional Holiday
TripuraSun, Oct 13Regional Holiday
West BengalSun, Oct 13Regional Holiday
2018 Oct 24
OdishaWed, Oct 24Regional Holiday
TripuraWed, Oct 24Regional Holiday
West BengalWed, Oct 24Regional Holiday
2017 Oct 3, Oct 4, Oct 5
OdishaThu, Oct 5Regional Holiday
TripuraThu, Oct 5Regional Holiday
West BengalThu, Oct 5Regional Holiday
TripuraWed, Oct 4Regional Holiday
TripuraTue, Oct 3Regional Holiday
The most important day to worship Goddess Lakshmi falls on the full moon day in lunar month Ashwin
  Which regions observe Lakshmi Puja in 2019?
Odisha  OdishaOct 13Regional Holiday
Tripura  TripuraOct 13Regional Holiday
West Bengal  West BengalOct 13Regional Holiday

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