Narak Chaturdashi in Karnataka in 2024

Narak Chaturdashi in Karnataka in 2024
Earthenware lamp lit for Diwali Image by Tripathy Biswajit , via Pixabay
  How long until Narak Chaturdashi?
Narak Chaturdashi
  Dates of Narak Chaturdashi in Karnataka
2025 Mon, Oct 20Regional Holiday
2024 Wed, Oct 30Regional Holiday
2023 Sun, Nov 12Regional Holiday
2022 Mon, Oct 24Regional Holiday
2021 Wed, Nov 3Regional Holiday

Karnataka. The second day of the five-day-long festival of Diwali

According to Hindu tradition, the demon Narakasura was killed on this day. The day is all about getting rid of anything bad. People get up early and wash and put on clean or new clothes.

Afterwards, they will celebrate by having a special breakfast with their friends and family. This day, also known as Chhoti Diwali, is a day for visiting friends, business associates and relatives, and for exchanging gifts.

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