Baisakhi in Jammu and Kashmir in 2024

Baisakhi in Jammu and Kashmir in 2024
  How long until Baisakhi?
  Dates of Baisakhi in Jammu and Kashmir
2024 Sat, Apr 13Regional Holiday
2023 Fri, Apr 14Regional Holiday
2022 Thu, Apr 14Regional Holiday
2021 Tue, Apr 13Regional Holiday
2020 Mon, Apr 13Regional Holiday

The beginning of the harvest season and birth of the Khalsa ☬

When is Vaisakhi?

This regional Indian holiday is celebrated on 13 or 14 April each year.

Also spelled Baisakhi, the holiday is one of the most important festivals for Sikhs and is marked by the millions of Sikhs in India and around the world.

Traditions of Vaisakhi

Vaisakhi is an ancient spring harvest festival that has been observed in the Punjab region for many centuries.

It became closely associated with Sikhism at the end of the 17th century, when Guru Gobind Singh, leader of the Sikhs, chose the date of the festival to create the highest order that can reached by Sikhs, known as the Khalsa Panth.

In 1699, Guru Gobind Singh summoned Sikhs from across India to the city of Anandpur Sahib, Punjab. There, in front of the massed crowds, he adorned five Sikhs with the distinguishing Khalsa identity of a Saint Soldier.

How is Vaisakhi Celebrated?

Many Sikhs mark the events that took place on Vaisakhi by making pilgrimages to holy sites. In some countries large public processions known as Nagar Kirtans take place. Cities across the world that have significant Sikh populations like London, Leicester and Vancouver will also hold public celebrations.

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