Haryana Heroes' Martyrdom Day in Haryana in 2024

Haryana  Heroes' Martyrdom Day in Haryana in 2024
A commemorative postage stamp featuring Rao Tula Ram (2001). Image via India Post, Government of India
  How long until Haryana Heroes' Martyrdom Day?
Haryana Heroes' Martyrdom Day
  Dates of Haryana Heroes' Martyrdom Day in Haryana
2025 Tue, Sep 23Regional Holiday
2024 Mon, Sep 23Regional Holiday
2023 Sat, Sep 23Regional Holiday
2022 Fri, Sep 23Regional Holiday
2021 Thu, Sep 23Regional Holiday

Honours those who have laid down their lives while safeguarding the frontiers of the nation

When is Haryana Heroes' Martyrdom Day?

Heroes' Martyrdom Day is a regional public holiday in Haryana, India on September 23rd each year.

This holiday is a Shaheedi Divas (martyrdom day) to honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of Haryana and the nation.

History of Haryana Heroes' Martyrdom Day?

This holiday is observed on the death anniversary of Rao Tula Ram, a freedom fighter during India's first war of independence in 1857.

Rao is a state hero of Haryana and is famous for temporarily driving the British from south-west Haryana during the rebellion, and also assisting rebel forces fighting in Delhi.

Rao died from an infection on September 23rd 1863.

On the date of Rao's death, Haryana pays its respect to the freedom fighters, soldiers and all others from the state who have sacrificed their lives for the country.

People from all walks of life pay floral tributes to the martyrs during the 'Shaheedi Divas' with a state function at the war memorial situated in the John Hall on the Civil line Road, Gurgaon.

At the function, Police personnel give a salute and put their arms upside down as a mark of respect.

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