Public Holiday in India in 2024

Public Holiday in India in 2024
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  Dates of Public Holiday in India
2022 Feb 14, Aug 10
GoaWed, Aug 10Regional Holiday
GoaMon, Feb 14Regional Holiday

Goa Assembly Election 2022: February 14 has been declared as as a Public Holiday in Goa.

August 10th 2022

The state government has declared August 10th 2022, polling day for the panchayat elections, a public holiday.

The government has declared the day as a paid holiday for industrial workers and daily wage workers of the government departments as well as state government industrial departments, provided they are entitled to vote at the panchayat elections.

Similarly, commercial and industrial workers of private establishments in the state and daily and casual workers employed in any business, trade, industrial undertakings or any other establishment will also be entitled to a paid holiday on the day, provided they are voters of any of the panchayats going to polls.

February 14th 2022

The Goa government has declared February 14th 2022 as a public holiday being the polling day for the State Assembly election. 

In a notification, the government has said that February 14th will be considered as a paid holiday. 

The paid holiday will apply to industrial workers in Goa, daily wage workers of government departments and state government industrial departments, commercial and industrial workers of private establishments in Goa, workers of all private establishments, daily wage/ casual workers employed n any business, trade, industrial undertakings or any other establishments.

Goa government's notice read: "...Government of Goa hereby declares Monday, the 14th February 2022 (Magha 25, Saka 1943) as a "Public Holiday" being the "Polling Day" for the General Elections to the Goa Legislative Assembly, 2022, throughout the State of Goa." 

The state government has also directed that the public holiday should be a paid holiday for all government/private establishments. 

"The aforesaid holiday shall be a 'paid holiday," the notice further read.

A total of 332 candidates are in the fray for the forthcoming Assembly election in Goa this year. The total nominations received for the Goa Assembly polls this year was 587. The counting of votes will take place on March 10th 2022.

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