Chitragupta Jayanti in India in 2024

Chitragupta Jayanti in India in 2024
Chitragupta temple.
  How long until Chitragupta Jayanti?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Chitragupta Jayanti in India
2023 Rajasthan Wed, Nov 15 Regional Holiday

Rajasthan. The most important puja dedicated to Chitragupta, the patron deity of the Kayastha community.

When is Chitragupta Jayanti?

Chitragupta Jayanti is a state gazetted holiday observed in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is observed two days after Diwali.

About Chitragupta

Chitragupta is a Hindu deity and the patron of accountants and bookkeepers. Chitragupta is the one who keeps accounts of the activities of human beings on earth. He is the keeper of both good and bad deeds. He helps Yama, the Hindu God of Death, to decide whether the dead person should suffer in hell or enjoy in heaven.

The most important puja dedicated to Him is observed on Kartik Shukla Paksha Dwitiya (two days after Diwali) and it is known as Chitragupta Puja or Chitragupta Jayanti.

He is considered as the son of Lord Brahma and is also considered as the aspect of Lord Vishnu.

He is often depicted holding a writing pen, quill and a book of account. He is also known as "Lokpal" and "Dharma-Karma-Vibhag" (Controller of Karma). He is worshiped by accountants, bookkeepers and the people who are working in administrative and financial services.

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