Cheiraoba in India in 2025

Cheiraoba in India in 2025
Image by Nick Irvine-Fortescue , via Flickr
  How long until Cheiraoba?
  Dates of Cheiraoba in India
2025 Manipur Sun, Apr 13 Regional Holiday
2024 Manipur Sat, Apr 13 Regional Holiday
2023 Manipur Fri, Apr 14 Regional Holiday
2022 Manipur Thu, Apr 14 Regional Holiday
2021 Manipur Wed, Apr 14 Regional Holiday

Cheiraoba is the Manipur New Year and is celebrated during the month of April.

Cheiraoba is the Manipur NewYear based on the solar calendar. It is observed on April 13th or 14th.

During the festival, people clean and decorate their houses and prepare special festive dishes which are first offered to various deities.

Celebrated during the month of April, a part of the ritual entails villagers climbing the nearest hill tops in belief that it will enable them to rise to greater heights in their worldly life. The Pangals (Manipuri Muslims) also observe it.

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