Bir Chilarai Divas in India in 2024

Bir Chilarai Divas in India in 2024
Tea plantation, Assam. Image by Nicholas Han , via Deposit Photos
  How long until Bir Chilarai Divas?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Bir Chilarai Divas in India
2024 Assam Sat, Feb 24 Regional Holiday
2023 Assam Sun, Feb 5 Regional Holiday
2022 Assam Wed, Feb 16 Regional Holiday
2021 Assam Sat, Feb 27 Regional Holiday
2020 Assam Sun, Feb 9 Regional Holiday

Bir Chilarai was a legendary 16th century general from the Assam Koch royal dynasty

When is Bir Chilarai Divas?

Bir Chilarai Divas is a regional public holiday in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam, on the full moon in the month of Magha which means it usually falls in February in the western calendar.

History of Bir Chilarai Divas

In 1515 AD, Maharaja Viswa Singha initiated a golden age in the history of Assam, when he founded the Koch royal dynasty. 

Born on a full moon day, Shukladhwaj was his third son. Along with his brothers, he was brought up learning the art of warfare and military strategy.  Shukladhwaj gained the title Chilarai which means 'Kite Prince' as his military attacks were noted for their speed, like a chila (kite).

Though overlooked at a  national level as one of India's greatest generals, his courage and military prowess played a significant role in expanding the empire of his elder brother, Maharaja Nara Narayan.

As Nara Narayan's commander-in-chief, Chilari was occupied by a never-ending series of conflicts with nearby states and kingdoms. Though he lost some battles, overall his skill on the battlefield became legendary in Assam.

During an invasion of Gour in western India, Chilaray died in 1577 of smallpox on the bank of Ganges

The birth anniversary of Chilarai has been observed with a public holiday by the government of Assam since 2005. The government of Assam confers the Bir Chilarai Award as the highest honour for bravery to individuals in the state.

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