Tusu Puja in Assam in 2025

Tusu Puja in Assam in 2025
  How long until Tusu Puja?
Tusu Puja
  Dates of Tusu Puja in Assam
2025 Wed, Jan 15Regional Holiday
2024 Tue, Jan 16Regional Holiday
2023 Sun, Jan 15Regional Holiday
2022 Fri, Jan 14Regional Holiday
2021 Fri, Jan 15Regional Holiday

An important festival of the Tea Tribes of Assam celebrated in the month of Puh and Maagh

When is Tusu Puja?

Tusu Puja is a regional holiday in the Indian state of Assam across two days in the middle of January, usually the 15th and 16th.

It is celebrated at the same time as Magh Bihu, which is the Assam celebration of Makar Sankranti, a traditional harvest festival.

Traditions of Tusu Puja

Tusu Puja is one of the important festivals of the Tea-Tribes of Assam. They worship goddess Tusu in this festival.

The main Tea-Tribes of Assam include Kharia, Bhumij, Gonju, Chawra, Munda, Chawtal, and Kol which constitute around 17% of the total population of the state.    

Month-long preparations usually precede the puja during Pausha (December-January) month. The three-day festival starts on the Uruka day and ends on Magh Bihu. 

The festival is based on a folk tale about Tusu, the daughter of a King of Gujarat, who fell in love with a prince from Punjab. The lovers had to flee the wrath of a Mughal King who did not approve of the relationship.

They managed to escape and marry, though sadly Tusu's new husband passed away soon after. The distraught Tusu couldn't face life without her lover and threw herself on his funeral pyre.

Several of the Tea-Tribes began worshipping Tusu as a goddess who symbolizes kindness, virtue, love and sacrifice.

The puja is performed only by girls. They prepare idols of Tusu with clay which are decorated with flowers. The statues are carried from house to house while her story is sung. Young girls from the tribes will dress in traditional costumes and perform folk dances. Afterwards, the girls will go to a nearby river where they then sanctify themselves by taking a dip in the water.

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