Gothar Bathou Sun in Assam in 2024

Gothar Bathou Sun in Assam in 2024
  How long until Gothar Bathou Sun?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Gothar Bathou Sun in Assam
2023 Tue, Jan 24Not A Public Holiday
2022 Tue, Jan 25Regional Holiday
2020 Tue, Jan 28Regional Holiday
2019 Tue, Jan 29Regional Holiday
2018 Tue, Jan 23Regional Holiday

Bathouism is the ethnic religion of the Bodo people or Kachari people in Assam.

When is Gothar Bathou Sun?

Gothar Bathou Sun is a regional public holiday in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam.

This holiday usually takes place at the end of January. Whether or not it is a public holiday in a given year depends on the annual list issued by the Assamese Government.

Traditions of Gothar Bathou Sun

Assam is a heady mixture of cultures with many tribes and religions. This diversity is reflected in the unique festivals that populate the annual list of official holidays in the state.

This holiday is a Bathouism festival, an ethnic religion of the Bodo-Kachari people who make up about 6% of the state's population.

Bathouism is an ancient religion, predating Hinduism. The religion is based on five principle elements: bar (air), orr (fire), ha (earth), dwi (water) and okhrang (ether). The chief deity, called Bathoubwrai is said to have created the five principles.

The Bodo Kacharies of Assam belong to the great Bodo Group of Indo-Mongoloid family and are believed to have their origins in Tibet and China. The Bodos basic occupation is agriculture and they still use traditional methods of farming and irrigation. They are considered to be experts of bamboo and cane craft, bamboo being the principal material of house building in the Bodo villages. Weaving and silkworm rearing is also an integral part of Bodo culture. 

The Bodos have their own set of festivals which are either seasonal, religious, ritualistic or ceremonial. The seasonal festivals are Baisagu, Domashi, and Katrigacha. These three festivals run parallel to the Bihu festival. 

Bwisagu is the most cherished springtime festival celebrated by the Bodo people at the advent of the new year. Famous for its myriad colours and merriment, it is celebrated during mid-April.

The other festivals celebrated by the people include Hapsa Hatarnai, Wngkham Gwrlwi Janai and Domashi. A common thread of all Kherai festivals is singing, dancing and drumming celebrated with much rejoicing

The staple food of the Bodos comprises of rice and is usually accompanied by a non-vegetarian dish of fish, meat or pork. The traditional favourite drink of the Bodos is Zu Mai (rice wine).

The Bodos are known as the first to cultivate rice and grow silk in India.

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