Hungary Revolution Day around the world in 2025

Hungary Revolution Day around the world in 2025
Lajos Kossuth recruiting volunteers in Cegléd for the independent Hungarian army on 24 September 1848. Image by Franz Kollarz
  How long until Hungary Revolution Day?
Hungary Revolution Day
  Dates of Hungary Revolution Day around the world
2025 HungaryMar 15
Hungary Sat, Mar 15National Holiday
2024 HungaryMar 15
Hungary Fri, Mar 15National Holiday
2023 HungaryMar 15
Hungary Wed, Mar 15National Holiday
2022 HungaryMar 14, Mar 15
Hungary Tue, Mar 15National Holiday
Hungary Mon, Mar 14National Holiday (bridge day)
2021 HungaryMar 15
Hungary Mon, Mar 15National Holiday

This day marks the anniversary of the start of the 1848 Revolution against the Austrian Empire and is celebrated with speeches and musical performances

When is Hungarian Revolution Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on March 15th. It is also known as Revolution and Independence Day

This day is the National Day of Hungary and marks the anniversary of the start of the 1848 Revolution against the Austrian Empire. It is one of three national holidays in Hungary (October 23rd and August 20th are the other two)

History of Hungarian Revolution Day

Hungary had been part of the Austrian Empire since the early part of the nineteenth century, though it had operated almost as a separate country; it's strongest bond to the empire was a common monarch.

The revolution in 1848 began following widespread national discontent with taxation and a desire for freedom of the press, freedom of religion and an independent parliament for Hungary. The desire for independence was also driven by other revolutions across Europe at this time.

On March 15th 1848, the poet of the revolution, Sandor Petőfi and his fellow patriots addressed the nation from the stairs of the Hungarian National Museum, reciting the Nemzeti dal (National Song). They declared a list of demands for democratic rights, now known as the 12 Points of the Pest Revolution  - a document widely considered among the nation’s most important texts. 

The famous 12 Points called for the establishment of a Hungarian government and an end to all censorship. By the afternoon, thousands had joined in the cause and sparked the Hungarian Revolution, which later secured the nation’s independence. 

The revolution became the war for independence, which resulted in defeat for the Hungarian revolutionaries in October 1849. Despite the failure of the revolution to deliver independence, the revolution is seen as a key point in Hungary's history and that the efforts of the people at that time should be remembered in this national holiday.

How is Hungarian Revolution Day Celebrated?

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, celebrating Revolution and Independence day has been more open and the day is marked by speeches and performances of traditional Hungarian music.

To mark the day, it is a custom for people to wear a cockade (rosette) ("kokárda" in Hungarian) containing red, white and green ribbons, the colours of the Hungarian flag. The national flag is also hoisted on almost every building, on residential, public or private alike.

Most stores and many places will close because of the national holiday, such as the Great Synagogue and the Market Hall. Note that if the holiday falls on a Monday, museums, and art galleries will not be open as they are closed every Monday. Restaurants will be open.

The official programmes will begin at 9 am with the traditional hoisting of the flag on Kossuth Square before the Parliament Building. From here, the participants will march to the garden of the National Museum, led by a mounted guard of honour, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will give a speech. Polish Prime Minister Mateus Morawieczki will give a speech as a guest of the event.

The Parliament Building will be open to visitors free of charge all day Saturday.

Celebrate Hungarian Independence Day with your Hue lights!

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