Semana Morazánica in Honduras in 2020

Semana Morazánica in Honduras in 2020

  How long until Semana Morazánica?
This holiday next takes place in 5 days.
  Dates of Semana Morazánica in Honduras
2022 Oct 3, Oct 4
HondurasTue, Oct 4Government Holiday
HondurasMon, Oct 3Government Holiday
2021 Oct 4, Oct 5
HondurasTue, Oct 5Government Holiday
HondurasMon, Oct 4Government Holiday
2020 Oct 5, Oct 6
HondurasTue, Oct 6Government Holiday
HondurasMon, Oct 5Government Holiday
2019 Sep 30, Oct 1
HondurasTue, Oct 1Government Holiday
HondurasMon, Sep 30Government Holiday
2018 Oct 1, Oct 2
HondurasTue, Oct 2Government Holiday
HondurasMon, Oct 1Government Holiday
Three public holidays in October are combined to create a long break at the start of October
  Local name
Semana Morazánica

Three October public holidays in Honduras are bundled together into three consecutive days to create a longer break at the start of October. For the private sector, holidays start at noon on the first Wednesday in October.

Workers in the public sector enjoy a full week of holidays.

The holidays are named the Morazánica Holidays as they revolve around the first of the October holidays, Francisco Morazán's Birthday which takes place on October 3rd.

The long break is intended to promote tourism in the country.

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