Caricom Day in Guyana in 2020

Caricom Day in Guyana in 2020
Flag of CARICOM. Image via Office Holidays
  How long until Caricom Day?
This holiday next takes place in 287 days.
  Dates of Caricom Day in Guyana
2021 Guyana Mon, Jul 5 National Holiday
2020 Guyana Mon, Jul 6 National Holiday
2019 Guyana Mon, Jul 1 National Holiday
2018 Guyana Mon, Jul 2 National Holiday
Marks the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas on July 4th 1973

When is Caricom Day?

Caricom Day is a public holiday in Guyana, observed on the first Monday in July each year.

The day marks the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas on this day in 1793. The treaty established the Caribbean Community and Common Market, which would go on to become Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

What is Caricom?

Caricom is a grouping of twenty countries: fifteen Member States and five Associate Members. It is home to approximately sixteen million citizens, 60% of whom are under the age of 30,  and from the main ethnic groups of Indigenous Peoples, Africans, Indians, Europeans, Chinese,  Portuguese and Javanese.

The Community is multi-lingual; with English as the major language complemented by French and Dutch and variations of these, as well as African and Asian expressions.

Stretching from The Bahamas in the north to Suriname and Guyana in South America, CARICOM comprises states that are considered developing countries, and except for Belize, in Central America and Guyana and Suriname in South America, all  Members and Associate Members are island states.


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