Pidjiguiti Day in Guinea-Bissau in 2024

Pidjiguiti Day in Guinea-Bissau in 2024
  How long until Pidjiguiti Day?
Pidjiguiti Day
  Dates of Pidjiguiti Day in Guinea-Bissau
2025 Guinea-Bissau Sun, Aug 3 National Holiday
2024 Guinea-Bissau Sat, Aug 3 National Holiday
2023 Guinea-Bissau Thu, Aug 3 National Holiday
2022 Guinea-Bissau Wed, Aug 3 National Holiday
2021 Guinea-Bissau Tue, Aug 3 National Holiday

Anniversary of the Pindjiguiti massacre in 1959, when the Portuguese colonial police repressed a protest of Bissau-Guinean workers, causing the death of at least 50 people.

When is Pidjiguiti Day?

Pidjiguiti Day is a national holiday in Guinea-Bissau, observed on August 3rd each year.

This day commemorates the Pidjiguiti massacre that took place on this day in 1959.

History of Pidjiguiti Day

Guinea-Bissau had been under Portuguese control since the 19th century. A movement for national self-determination was gaining ground across Africa in the 1950s and Guinea-Bissau was no exception.

In 1956, Amilcar Cabral established the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC). Favouring independence by non-violent means, the first major act of the PAIGC was to instigate a strike for better salaries at the Pidjiguiti Docks of the Port of Bissau.

On August 3rd 1959, a large number of dock-workers came to support the strike action and took control of the port to stop it from operating.

The security forces launched an offensive to recapture the port from the strikers, and when they broke through the gate, the PIDE (International and State Defense Police) opened fire, killing 50 people and injuring many hundreds. The PIDE also arrested and tortured other protestors.

The terrible events of the "Massacre of Pidjiguiti" proved to be a milestone in the history of the country as it made the PAIGC reconsider their strategy, with an armed struggle eventually replacing the peaceful approach.

The military campaign began in 1963, launching the war of independence, which would rage until 1974 when Guinea-Bissau finally gained independence from Portugal.

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