National Heroes Day in Grenada in 2024

National Heroes Day in Grenada in 2024
Maurice Rupert Bishop.
  How long until National Heroes Day?
National Heroes Day
  Dates of National Heroes Day in Grenada
2025 Grenada Sun, Oct 19 National Holiday
2024 Grenada Sat, Oct 19 National Holiday
2023 Grenada Thu, Oct 19 National Holiday

Commemorates the killings of former prime minister Maurice Bishop and several members of his cabinet in 1983.

When is National Heroes Day in Grenada?

In October 2022, the government of Grenada declared October 19th as a public holiday from 2023, commemorating the killings of former prime minister Maurice Bishop and several members of his cabinet in 1983.

Bishop, along with several civilians, was killed following a palace coup orchestrated by his deputy, Bernard Coard, at Fort Rupert which was renamed Fort George.

The execution of Bishop, and the ensuing turmoil were used as justification by the US and Caribbean countries to militarily intervene in an operation called Urgent Fury.

Speaking at a flag-raising and wreath-laying ceremony where the killings took place, Grenada Culture Minister Ron Redhead, noted that the country will only be able to move on if the events of 1983 are addressed.

The Minister, whose father was a member of the militia, also noted that Grenada will be making an official request to the United States and the United Kingdom to provide factual information surrounding the bodies of Bishop and others.

Maurice Bishop took power in 1979 following the ousting of Prime Minister Eric Giary and held office until his death in 1983.

Maurice Bishop was shot dead by the armed forces at the military headquarters in the capital St George’s.

According to one witness, before he died Bishop said: “My God, my God. They have turned the guns against the people”.

Earlier, thousands of his supporters had marched to his residence in St George’s where they managed to free the prime minister from house arrest.

He had led the country since 1979 when a coup toppled the country’s controversial Prime Minister, Sir Eric Gairy.

Following the release of Bishop from house arrest, he and his supporters had marched towards the military headquarters Fort Rupert where he believed loyal army officers were being detained.

On his arrival in the early afternoon, troops, commanded by General Austin, fired on the crowd and it is reported that dozens of demonstrators were killed.

General Austin has said that Bishop was threatening to bring down the leadership of the armed forces and the NJM, and was killed as soldiers stormed the fort.

But other accounts say that Bishop was taken prisoner and shot dead at Fort Rupert along with three ministerial colleagues and two union leaders.

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