Epiphany in Greece in 2025

Epiphany in Greece in 2025
The blessing of the water ceremony marking Orthodox Epiphany. Image by vverve , via Deposit Photos
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2025 Greece Mon, Jan 6 National Holiday
2024 Greece Sat, Jan 6 National Holiday
2023 Greece Fri, Jan 6 National Holiday
2022 Greece Thu, Jan 6 National Holiday
2021 Greece Wed, Jan 6 National Holiday

Commemorates Christ's baptism by John the Baptist in the river Jordan.

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When is the Feast of the Theophany?

In the Greek and Romanian Orthodox Churches, Epiphany celebrates the baptism of Jesus rather than the arrival of the Magi (Three wise men) which is celebrated on January 6th as Epiphany in the Western Church.

Other Orthodox Churches celebrate the Feast of the Theophany on January 19th using the Julian calendar date.

What is the Feast of the Theophany?

This observance commemorates Christ's baptism by John the Forerunner (John the Baptist) in the river Jordan, beginning Christ's ministry on earth and revealing the Holy Trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to mankind. Though no date for the baptism is given, it is generally accepted that Jesus was about 30 years old when he was baptised.

Despite the baptism of Jesus not being part of the nativity of Jesus, The Feast of Theophany is the culmination of the Christmas Season.

“The feast of the Baptism of the Lord … is unique in that on this day most of the Orthodox faithful are present in church to receive Holy Communion, in the Orthodox tradition,” the legislators write. They also highlight the Great Sanctification of the Water as a unique aspect of Theophany.

Traditions of the Feast of Theophany in Greece

Theophany or Ta Fota (the lights), commemorates the baptism of Christ, and is the final celebration of the holiday season after Christmas and New Year’s.

On this day, the Great Sanctification of Water, ceremonies are held by the sea, lakes and rivers all around the country. Priests bless the water by casting a cross into it; young men then dive in and compete to retrieve it. The diver who retrieves the cross is blessed with good luck throughout the year.

Epiphany is a public holiday, and stores and some cafes and restaurants are closed.

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