Greek Independence Day around the world in 2025

  How long until Greek Independence Day?
Greek Independence Day
  Dates of Greek Independence Day around the world
2025 Various Mar 25
CyprusTue, Mar 25National Holiday
GreeceTue, Mar 25National Holiday
2024 Various Mar 25
CyprusMon, Mar 25National Holiday
GreeceMon, Mar 25National Holiday
2023 Various Mar 25
CyprusSat, Mar 25National Holiday
GreeceSat, Mar 25National Holiday
2022 Various Mar 25
CyprusFri, Mar 25National Holiday
GreeceFri, Mar 25National Holiday
2021 Various Mar 25
CyprusThu, Mar 25National Holiday
GreeceThu, Mar 25National Holiday

Greece's Independence Day is actually a holiday that has blended over time with an older festival - the feast of the Annunciation

  Which countries observe Greek Independence Day in 2025?
National Holiday Regional Holiday Not a public holiday Govt Holiday
  CyprusMar 25
  GreeceMar 25
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When is Greek Independence Day?

This holiday is Greece's National Day and is always celebrated on March 25th.

Greece's Independence Day is actually a holiday that has blended over time with an older festival - the Feast of the Annunciation

History of Greek Independence Day

In 1821, the Greeks rose up against the Ottoman Empire which had occupied Greece for almost 400 years, leading to the war of independence.

Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the Greek flag at the monastery of Agia Lavras, inciting the Peloponnese to rise against the oppressors.

While the exact date probably may not have been March 25th, it is acknowledged to have occurred in late March and it was gradually associated with the religious Feast of the Annunciation.

Feast of the Annunciation

On this day in the Orthodox calendar, the archangel Gabriel appeared to the maiden Mary and informed her that she was pregnant with the divine child.

The first modern Greek state was founded in 1828 under the name "Hellenic State" and consisted of the Peloponnese and part of Central Greece. The first governor was John Kapodistrias who founded schools and orphanages and helped make great advances in the development of the Greek economy and education.

Kapodistrias is still honoured in Greece today; the Greek euro coin of 20 cents bears his face.

How is Greek Independence Day Celebrated?

The national holiday is celebrated with patriotic speeches, parades and military demonstrations. Across Greece, there are parades, organised by schools, where children march with the Greek flag while dressed in traditional customs.

On this day, many Greeks will attend church in the morning, followed by a memorial service.

The biggest parade takes place in Athens, where marching bands, military vehicles, and squadrons from the Hellenic Armed Forces draw thousands of spectators, including the president. 

Popular foods to eat on Greek Independence Day are bakaliaros (batter-fried salted cod) and skordalia (garlic and potato dip). March  25th always falls during Lent when eating meat and fish is not allowed. There are only two days during Lent when fish is allowed, and the Feast of the Annunciation is one of those days (Palm Sunday is the other), which is why eating fish on March 25th is so popular.

In addition to Greece and Cyprus, Greek Independence Day is also celebrated by many Greeks overseas, and large parades are becoming more common in United States cities where Greeks have made their homes, including Boston and New York City.

Each year, the U.S. President marks the occasion with a proclamation reminding citizens of the contributions of Greece to democracy, and of the ongoing contributions of expatriate Greeks in their new communities throughout the world.

Ζήτω η 25η Μαρτίου!

Change your Hue lights to celebrate Greek Independence Day!

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