Farmer's Day in Ghana in 2024

Farmer's Day in Ghana in 2024
A woman farming in Northern Ghana Image by Patrick Sakyi , via Wikimedia Commons
  How long until Farmer's Day?
Farmer's Day
  Dates of Farmer's Day in Ghana
2025 Ghana Fri, Dec 5 Public Holiday
2024 Ghana Fri, Dec 6 Public Holiday
2023 Ghana Fri, Dec 1 Public Holiday
2022 Ghana Fri, Dec 2 Public Holiday
2021 Ghana Fri, Dec 3 Public Holiday

The first Friday of every December is set aside by the government as Farmer's Day and is celebrated as a statutory Public Holiday

When is National Farmer's Day?

National Farmer’s Day is a statutory public holiday in Ghana observed on the first Friday of December.

In election years, the Farmer's Day celebration is held on the first Friday of November, though the first Friday in December remains a Statutory Public Holiday.

The holiday is intended to recognise the significance of agriculture and fishing in Ghana's economic growth. Open gatherings are organised in the 16 regions across Ghana to award prizes to deserving farmers and fishers as far as best practices and outputs are concerned.

History of National Farmer's Day

Since it was introduced by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in 1988, the first Friday in December has been set aside to honour farmers and fishermen for their efforts in feeding the nation and recognise the vital contributions of a strong agricultural sector to the prosperity of the Ghanaian economy.

1982 until 1984 brought an agricultural crisis to Ghana. During these years, the country experienced a severe drought unprecedented in its history. The drought resulted in deadly bushfires in 1984, which stripped the land, resulting in little vegetation cover.

There was a serious food shortage because the bushfires severely damaged cocoa farms and food crops. However, Ghanaians were given some reprieve in 1984 when the National Mobilisation Squads, or Mobisquads, were formed to help rescue the situation. The Mobisquads transplanted cocoa trees after clearing the farms.

To encourage the importance of farming, and as a reminder of the risks involved, National Farmer's Day was created.

How is National Farmer's Day Celebrated?

A programme of activities takes place to mark the day including prizes which are awarded to deserving farmers and fishers in order of best practices and outputs. A National Farmers Forum takes place at which the award winners can meet policymakers and experts on technological advances in the agricultural sector and also make their views known.

This holiday reflects the importance of agriculture in Ghana. According to the CIA World Factbook, Agriculture accounts for about 20% of GDP and employs more than half of the workforce, mainly small landholders.

Each year the Minister of the Interior declares this day as a statutory Public Holiday and urges the public across the country to observe it as such.

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