Independence Day in Georgia in 2021

Independence Day in Georgia in 2021

  How long until Independence Day?
Independence Day
  Dates of Independence Day in Georgia
2022 Georgia Thu, May 26 National Holiday
2021 Georgia Wed, May 26 National Holiday
2020 Georgia Tue, May 26 National Holiday
2019 Georgia Sun, May 26 National Holiday
2018 Georgia Sat, May 26 National Holiday

On May 26th 1918, the National Council of Georgia declared independence from the Russian Empire and the creation of Democratic Republic of Georgia

  Local name
Damouk'ideblobis dghe

When is Georgian Independence Day?

This holiday is celebrated annually in Georgia on May 26th.

Also known as Day of the First Republic, this is Georgia's national day. It marks the adoption of the Act of Independence in 1918.

History of Georgian Independence Day

Georgia had been part of the Russian Empire since 1800. Following the Russian revolution and the defeats in the First World War, movements within Georgia pushed for independence from Russia and on May 26th 1918, Georgia declared itself an independent democratic republic.

Did you know?

Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, was Georgian.

May 26th had been celebrated as a public holiday until Georgia became part of the Soviet Union in 1922. Celebrations of regional public holidays were suppressed across the Soviet Union and it wasn't until 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet regime that this day regained its public holiday status.

Georgia seceded from the Soviet Union on April 9th 1991 and April 9th is now celebrated as a national public holiday, the Day of National Unity.

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