Women's Day in Gabon in 2025

Women's Day in Gabon in 2025
Rose Francine Rogombé
  How long until Women's Day?
Women's Day
  Dates of Women's Day in Gabon
2025 Gabon Thu, Apr 17 National Holiday
2024 Gabon Wed, Apr 17 National Holiday
2023 Gabon Mon, Apr 17 National Holiday
2022 Gabon Sun, Apr 17 National Holiday
2021 Gabon Sat, Apr 17 National Holiday

Marks the appointment of the first female to the Government in Gabon

  Local name
Journée des droits de la femme

When is Gabonese Women's Day?

Women's Day is a national holiday in Gabon, observed on April 17th.

This day was enacted to celebrate women in government and marks the death anniversary of Rose Francine Rogombé, the first female head of state of Gabon.

History of Gabonese Women's Day

Rose Francine Rogombé was a Gabonese politician who became the Acting President of Gabon in June 2009 after President Omar Bongo Ondimba, who had led Gabon for 42 years, passed away after a heart attack.

Rogombé was a lawyer by profession and a member of the Gabonese Democratic Party. She was elected as President of the Senate in February 2009 and as such constitutionally succeeded Bongo.

Rogombé's interim presidency ended in October 2009 when Ali Bongo, the son of the late President, won the presidential elections. She then returned to her post as President of the Senate.

Rogombé died, aged 72, on April 10th 2015 at a hospital in Paris, where she had gone for medical treatment a few days prior.

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