February 17th Revolution around the world in 2025

February 17th Revolution around the world in 2025
Rock arch in Tadrart Acacus,Libya Image by Mohamed Alazrak
  How long until February 17th Revolution?
February 17th Revolution
  Dates of February 17th Revolution around the world
2025 LibyaFeb 17
Libya Mon, Feb 17National Holiday
2024 LibyaFeb 17
Libya Sat, Feb 17National Holiday
2023 LibyaFeb 17
Libya Fri, Feb 17National Holiday
2022 LibyaFeb 17
Libya Thu, Feb 17National Holiday
2021 LibyaFeb 17
Libya Wed, Feb 17National Holiday

The start of the Libyan Civil War on February 17th 2011, when demonstrators were killed by government forces.

When is Revolution Day?

Revolution Day is a national holiday in the State of Libya on February 17th each year.

Also known as the Day of Revolt, this is the National Day of Libya and commemorates the start of the uprising against Colonel Gaddafi on this day in 2011.

History of Revolution Day

Muammar Gaddafi came to power in Libya in September 1969 when he led a group of military leaders in a  coup d'état against King Idris.

In 2011 the Arab Spring movement had seen the rulers of Tunisia and Egypt being overthrown. Sandwiched between those countries, tensions were rising in Libya and on Gaddafi's rule.

The first major protests and violent clashes in Libya actually began on February 15th 2011, in Benghazi. Hundreds gathered outside the police station, and a number of protesters were killed.

February 17th was the official "day of revolt," an effort to bring thousands of protesters into the streets . Major demonstrations were reported in Benghazi, Ajdabiya, Darnah and Zintan, among others. Gaddafi forces responded by firing live ammunition at the crowds. More than a dozen demonstrators were killed. The "day of revolt" coincided with the fifth anniversary of a major anti-Gaddafi protest in Benghazi.

Gaddafi reportedly released dozens of prisoners from jail and paid them to fight against the protesters.

Rather than give in to the protestors as was the case in other Arab countries, Gaddafi fought back leading the country into a civil war in 2011, which ended in October of that year with the death of Gaddafi and the defeat of his forces.

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