National Flag Day in Faroe Islands in 2025

National Flag Day in Faroe Islands in 2025
  How long until National Flag Day?
National Flag Day
  Dates of National Flag Day in Faroe Islands
2025 Faroe Islands Fri, Apr 25 National Holiday
2024 Faroe Islands Thu, Apr 25 National Holiday
2023 Faroe Islands Tue, Apr 25 National Holiday
2022 Faroe Islands Mon, Apr 25 National Holiday
2021 Faroe Islands Sun, Apr 25 National Holiday

On 25 April 1940 the British authorities recognised the Faroese flag (Merkið) as the civil ensign of the Faroe Islands.

  Local name

The flag of the Faroe Islands has the Norwegian colours in a different arrangement. This recalls that they were once part of Norway.

The Løgting decided in 1949 that April 25th would be the Faroese Flag Day. In 1955, the Flag Day became a School Holiday

The name Føroyar (Faroe Islands) is derived from old Norse and means Sheep Islands, a name given by the Viking age settlers.

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