Danish Constitution Day in Faroe Islands in 2021

Danish Constitution Day in Faroe Islands in 2021

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Danish Constitution Day
  Dates of Danish Constitution Day in Faroe Islands
2022 Faroe Islands Sun, Jun 5 National Holiday
2021 Faroe Islands Sat, Jun 5 National Holiday
2020 Faroe Islands Fri, Jun 5 National Holiday
2019 Faroe Islands Wed, Jun 5 National Holiday
2018 Faroe Islands Tue, Jun 5 National Holiday

Constitution Day commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Danish constitution of 1849

  Local name
Grundlógardagur Danmarkar
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Danish Constitution Day in Faroe Islands

This public holiday in the Faroe Islands is observed as a half day holiday in the afternoon.

When is Constitution Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on 5th June.

While Constitution Day is not a national public holiday, government offices, banks and educational establishments are closed and most shops are closed by law.

Private companies can decide whether to give employees a holiday and in some cases, this may be a half day holiday. We would still recommend avoiding any meetings with colleagues or clients from Denmark on this day.

History of Constitution Day

Constitution Day (Danish: Grundlovsdag) commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Danish constitution of 1849 by Frederik the VII, which established Denmark as a constitutional monarchy.

From 1660 until 1849 Denmark had been an absolute monarchy.

The day has added significance as women were given the vote on 5 June 1915.

It additionally honours the constitution of 1953, which was adopted on the same day.

Almost all workplaces and shops in Denmark will be closed on this particular day.

Traditions on this day include enjoying the early summer weather while listening to political speeches on the state of the government.

While it is the closest day to a national day for the Danish, the day is not widely used to celebrate the constitution as is seen in other countries, for example Norway.

Father's Day

This day is also Father's Day in Denmark, a tradition adopted by the Danish in 1935, but did you know that a PR failure in 1949 meant it isn't celebrated on the same day as the rest of Scandanavia?

Did you know?

Three facts about Danish Constitution Day

The Great Dane breed of dog originally came from Germany and not from Denmark.

Denmark has more than twice the amount of bicycles (4.2 million) than cars (1.8 million). Cyclists in Copenhagen pedal more than 1.13 million km on their bicycles each day. 35% of all journeys in Copenhagen are made by bicycle.

The famous Danish pastries were introduced to Denmark in 1870s, when striking bread makers were replaced by Viennese immigrant bakers, who brought their traditions of sweet breads, cakes, and puff pastries. In Denmark, these pastries are still known as Wienerbrod (Viennese bread).

More facts about Danish Constitution Day

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