Constitution Day in Equatorial Guinea in 2024

Constitution Day in Equatorial Guinea in 2024
  How long until Constitution Day?
Constitution Day
  Dates of Constitution Day in Equatorial Guinea
2025 Equatorial Guinea Fri, Aug 15 National Holiday
2024 Equatorial Guinea Thu, Aug 15 National Holiday
2023 Equatorial Guinea Tue, Aug 15 National Holiday
2022 Equatorial Guinea Mon, Aug 15 National Holiday
2021 Equatorial Guinea Sun, Aug 15 National Holiday

Equatorial Guinea Constitution Day commemorates the adoption of the constitution on August 15th 1982.

Equatorial Guinea gained its independence from Spain in October 1968. In August of that year, a draft constitution was put to a referendum. 63% of the electorate voted in favour of the constitution, which provided for a government with a General Assembly and a Supreme Court with judges appointed by the president. Francisco Macías Nguema was elected as the first president of Equatorial Guinea.

President Nguema created a single-party state to consolidate his power and a new constitution was approved in a referendum on July 29th 1973.

The totalitarian rule of the President had a devasting effect on the country. Nguema was deposed in a military coup led by Lt. Colonel Teodore Obiang Nguema on August 3rd 1979. Nguema was arrested, tried, and executed and Obiang assumed the presidency in October 1979.

A new constitution was approved in a referendum on August 15th 1982. And although there have been several amendments to the constitution since then, the 1982 constitution is still seen as an important milestone in the country's history.

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