Eid Al Adha around the world in 2022

  How long until Eid Al Adha?
Eid Al Adha
  Dates of Eid Al Adha around the world
2023 Various Jun 26, Jun 27, Jun 28, Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 2, Jul 3
Afghanistan Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
AfghanistanSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
AfghanistanFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
AfghanistanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
AlbaniaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
AlgeriaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Azerbaijan Jun 29, Jun 30
AzerbaijanFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
AzerbaijanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Bahrain Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
BahrainSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
BahrainFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
BahrainThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Bangladesh Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
BangladeshSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
BangladeshFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
BangladeshThu, Jun 29National Holiday
BeninThu, Jun 29National Holiday
BruneiThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Burkina FasoThu, Jun 29National Holiday
BurundiThu, Jun 29National Holiday
CameroonThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Central African RepublicThu, Jun 29National Holiday
ChadThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Comoros Jun 29, Jun 30
ComorosFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
ComorosThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Djibouti Jun 29, Jun 30
DjiboutiFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
DjiboutiThu, Jun 29National Holiday
East TimorThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Egypt Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 2
EgyptSun, Jul 2Government Holiday (additional day)
EgyptSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptThu, Jun 29National Holiday
EritreaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
EthiopiaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
GabonThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Gambia Jun 29, Jun 30
GambiaFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
GambiaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
GhanaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
GuineaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Guinea-BissauThu, Jun 29National Holiday
GuyanaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
India Jun 29
Andhra PradeshThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
Arunachal PradeshThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
AssamThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
BiharThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
ChandigarhThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
DelhiThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
GoaThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
GujaratThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
HaryanaThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
JharkhandThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
KarnatakaThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
KeralaThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
MaharashtraThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
MeghalayaThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
MizoramThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
NagalandThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
OdishaThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
PuducherryThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
PunjabThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
RajasthanThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
Tamil NaduThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
TelanganaThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
TripuraThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
UttarakhandThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
West BengalThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
IndonesiaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
IranThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Iraq Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 2
IraqSun, Jul 2National Holiday
IraqSat, Jul 1National Holiday
IraqFri, Jun 30National Holiday
IraqThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Ivory CoastThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Jordan Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 2, Jul 3
JordanMon, Jul 3National Holiday (additional day)
JordanSun, Jul 2National Holiday (additional day)
JordanSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
JordanFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
JordanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
KazakhstanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
KenyaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
KosovoThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Kuwait Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
KuwaitSat, Jul 1National Holiday
KuwaitFri, Jun 30National Holiday
KuwaitThu, Jun 29National Holiday
KyrgyzstanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
LebanonThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Libya Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
LibyaSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
MadagascarThu, Jun 29National Holiday
MaldivesThu, Jun 29National Holiday
MaliThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Mauritania Jun 29, Jun 30
MauritaniaFri, Jun 30National Holiday
MauritaniaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Morocco Jun 29, Jun 30
MoroccoFri, Jun 30Government Holiday
MoroccoThu, Jun 29National Holiday
MyanmarThu, Jun 29National Holiday
NepalThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Niger Jun 29, Jun 30
NigerFri, Jun 30National Holiday
NigerThu, Jun 29National Holiday
NigeriaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Oman Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 2
OmanSun, Jul 2National Holiday (additional day)
OmanSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
OmanFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
OmanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Pakistan Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
PakistanSat, Jul 1National Holiday
PakistanFri, Jun 30National Holiday
PakistanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
PhilippinesThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Qatar Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 2
QatarSun, Jul 2Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
QatarFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
QatarThu, Jun 29National Holiday
QatarThu, Jun 29National Holiday (additional day)
RwandaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Saudi Arabia Jun 26, Jun 27, Jun 28, Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 2, Jul 3
Saudi ArabiaMon, Jul 3Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaSun, Jul 2Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaSat, Jul 1National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaFri, Jun 30National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaWed, Jun 28Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaTue, Jun 27Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaMon, Jun 26Government Holiday
SenegalThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Sierra LeoneThu, Jun 29National Holiday
SomaliaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
South Sudan Jun 29, Jun 30
South SudanFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
South SudanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Spain Jun 29
CeutaThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
MelillaThu, Jun 29Regional Holiday
Sri LankaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
SudanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
SurinameThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Syria Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
SyriaSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
SyriaFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
SyriaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
TajikistanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
TanzaniaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
TogoThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Tunisia Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
TunisiaSat, Jul 1National Holiday
TunisiaFri, Jun 30National Holiday
TunisiaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Turkey Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 2
TurkeySun, Jul 2National Holiday
TurkeySat, Jul 1National Holiday
TurkeyFri, Jun 30National Holiday
TurkeyThu, Jun 29National Holiday
TurkmenistanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
UgandaThu, Jun 29National Holiday
United Arab Emirates Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
United Arab EmiratesSat, Jul 1National Holiday (additional day)
United Arab EmiratesFri, Jun 30National Holiday (additional day)
United Arab EmiratesThu, Jun 29National Holiday
UzbekistanThu, Jun 29National Holiday
Yemen Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 2
YemenSun, Jul 2National Holiday
YemenSat, Jul 1National Holiday
YemenFri, Jun 30National Holiday
YemenThu, Jun 29National Holiday
2022 Various Jul 5, Jul 6, Jul 7, Jul 8, Jul 9, Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12, Jul 13, Jul 14
Afghanistan Jul 9, Jul 10, Jul 11
AfghanistanMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
AfghanistanSun, Jul 10National Holiday (additional day)
AfghanistanSat, Jul 9National Holiday
Albania Jul 9, Jul 11
AlbaniaMon, Jul 11National Holiday (in lieu)
AlbaniaSat, Jul 9National Holiday
AlgeriaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Azerbaijan Jul 11, Jul 12
AzerbaijanTue, Jul 12National Holiday (additional day)
AzerbaijanMon, Jul 11National Holiday
Bahrain Jul 9, Jul 10, Jul 11
BahrainMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
BahrainSun, Jul 10National Holiday (additional day)
BahrainSat, Jul 9National Holiday
Bangladesh Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
BangladeshTue, Jul 12National Holiday (additional day)
BangladeshMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
BangladeshSun, Jul 10National Holiday
BeninSun, Jul 10National Holiday
BruneiSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Burkina FasoSun, Jul 10National Holiday
BurundiSun, Jul 10National Holiday
CameroonSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Central African RepublicSun, Jul 10National Holiday
ChadSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Comoros Jul 10, Jul 11
ComorosMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
ComorosSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Djibouti Jul 10, Jul 11
DjiboutiMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
DjiboutiSun, Jul 10National Holiday
East TimorSat, Jul 9National Holiday
Egypt Jul 9, Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
EgyptTue, Jul 12Government Holiday (additional day)
EgyptMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptSun, Jul 10National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptSat, Jul 9National Holiday
EritreaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
EthiopiaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
GabonSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Gambia Jul 10, Jul 11
GambiaMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
GambiaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
GhanaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
GuineaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Guinea-BissauSun, Jul 10National Holiday
GuyanaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
India Jul 9, Jul 10, Jul 11
Jammu and KashmirMon, Jul 11Regional Holiday (additional day)
Andhra PradeshSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
AssamSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
BiharSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
ChandigarhSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
DelhiSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
GoaSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
GujaratSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
HaryanaSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
JharkhandSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
KarnatakaSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
MaharashtraSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
ManipurSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
MeghalayaSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
MizoramSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
NagalandSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
OdishaSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
PuducherrySun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
PunjabSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
RajasthanSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
Tamil NaduSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
TelanganaSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
TripuraSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
UttarakhandSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
West BengalSun, Jul 10Regional Holiday
KeralaSat, Jul 9Regional Holiday
IndonesiaSat, Jul 9National Holiday
IranSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Iraq Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12, Jul 13
IraqWed, Jul 13National Holiday
IraqTue, Jul 12National Holiday
IraqMon, Jul 11National Holiday
IraqSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Ivory CoastSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Jordan Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
JordanTue, Jul 12National Holiday
JordanMon, Jul 11National Holiday
JordanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
KazakhstanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
KenyaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
KosovoSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Kuwait Jul 9, Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12, Jul 13, Jul 14
KuwaitThu, Jul 14Government Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitWed, Jul 13Government Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitTue, Jul 12Government Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitSun, Jul 10National Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitSat, Jul 9National Holiday
KyrgyzstanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Lebanon Jul 10, Jul 11
LebanonMon, Jul 11National Holiday
LebanonSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Libya Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
LibyaTue, Jul 12National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
MadagascarSun, Jul 10National Holiday
MaldivesSun, Jul 10National Holiday
MaliSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Mauritania Jul 10, Jul 11
MauritaniaMon, Jul 11National Holiday
MauritaniaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Morocco Jul 10, Jul 11
MoroccoMon, Jul 11Government Holiday
MoroccoSun, Jul 10National Holiday
MyanmarSun, Jul 10National Holiday
NepalSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Niger Jul 10, Jul 11
NigerMon, Jul 11National Holiday
NigerSun, Jul 10National Holiday
NigeriaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Oman Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12, Jul 13
OmanWed, Jul 13National Holiday (additional day)
OmanTue, Jul 12National Holiday (additional day)
OmanMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
OmanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Pakistan Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
PakistanTue, Jul 12National Holiday
PakistanMon, Jul 11National Holiday
PakistanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Palestine Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
PalestineTue, Jul 12National Holiday (additional day)
PalestineMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
PalestineSun, Jul 10National Holiday
PhilippinesSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Qatar Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12, Jul 13, Jul 14
QatarThu, Jul 14Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarWed, Jul 13Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarTue, Jul 12National Holiday (additional day)
QatarMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
QatarSun, Jul 10National Holiday
RwandaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Saudi Arabia Jul 5, Jul 6, Jul 7, Jul 8, Jul 9, Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12, Jul 13, Jul 14
Saudi ArabiaThu, Jul 14Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaWed, Jul 13Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaTue, Jul 12National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaMon, Jul 11National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaSat, Jul 9Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaFri, Jul 8Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaThu, Jul 7Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaWed, Jul 6Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaTue, Jul 5Government Holiday
SenegalSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Sierra LeoneSun, Jul 10National Holiday
SomaliaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
South Sudan Jul 10, Jul 11
South SudanMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
South SudanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Spain Jul 9, Jul 11
MelillaMon, Jul 11Regional Holiday
CeutaSat, Jul 9Regional Holiday
Sri LankaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
SudanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
SurinameSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Syria Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
SyriaTue, Jul 12National Holiday (additional day)
SyriaMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
SyriaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
TajikistanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
TanzaniaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
TogoSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Tunisia Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
TunisiaTue, Jul 12National Holiday
TunisiaMon, Jul 11National Holiday
TunisiaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Turkey Jul 8, Jul 9, Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
TurkeyTue, Jul 12National Holiday (additional day)
TurkeyMon, Jul 11National Holiday (additional day)
TurkeySun, Jul 10National Holiday (additional day)
TurkeySat, Jul 9National Holiday
TurkeyFri, Jul 8National Holiday (additional day)
TurkmenistanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
UgandaSun, Jul 10National Holiday
United Arab Emirates Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12
United Arab EmiratesTue, Jul 12National Holiday (additional day)
United Arab EmiratesMon, Jul 11National Holiday
United Arab EmiratesSun, Jul 10National Holiday
UzbekistanSun, Jul 10National Holiday
Yemen Jul 10, Jul 11, Jul 12, Jul 13
YemenWed, Jul 13National Holiday
YemenTue, Jul 12National Holiday
YemenMon, Jul 11National Holiday
YemenSun, Jul 10National Holiday
2021 Various Jul 17, Jul 18, Jul 19, Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22, Jul 23, Jul 24, Jul 25
Afghanistan Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
AfghanistanThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
AfghanistanWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
AfghanistanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
AlbaniaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
AlgeriaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Azerbaijan Jul 20, Jul 21
AzerbaijanWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
AzerbaijanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Bahrain Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
BahrainThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
BahrainWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
BahrainTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Bangladesh Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
BangladeshThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
BangladeshWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
BangladeshTue, Jul 20National Holiday
BeninTue, Jul 20National Holiday
BruneiTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Burkina FasoTue, Jul 20National Holiday
BurundiTue, Jul 20National Holiday
CameroonTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Central African RepublicTue, Jul 20National Holiday
ChadTue, Jul 20National Holiday
ComorosTue, Jul 20National Holiday
DjiboutiTue, Jul 20National Holiday (additional day)
East TimorMon, Jul 19National Holiday
Egypt Jul 17, Jul 18, Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
EgyptThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptTue, Jul 20National Holiday
EgyptSun, Jul 18National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptSat, Jul 17National Holiday (additional day)
EritreaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
EthiopiaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
GabonTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Gambia Jul 20, Jul 21
GambiaWed, Jul 21National Holiday
GambiaTue, Jul 20National Holiday (additional day)
GhanaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
GuineaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Guinea-BissauTue, Jul 20National Holiday
GuyanaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
India Jul 20, Jul 21
Andhra PradeshWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
Arunachal PradeshWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
AssamWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
BiharWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
ChandigarhWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
DelhiWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
GoaWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
GujaratWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
HaryanaWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday (additional day)
JharkhandWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
KarnatakaWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
KeralaWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
MaharashtraWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
ManipurWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
MeghalayaWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
MizoramWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
NagalandWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
OdishaWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
PuducherryWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
PunjabWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
RajasthanWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
Tamil NaduWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
TelanganaWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
TripuraWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
UttarakhandWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
West BengalWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirTue, Jul 20Regional Holiday
IndonesiaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
IranWed, Jul 21National Holiday
Iraq Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22, Jul 23
IraqFri, Jul 23National Holiday
IraqThu, Jul 22National Holiday
IraqWed, Jul 21National Holiday
IraqTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Ivory CoastTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Jordan Jul 19, Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22, Jul 23
JordanFri, Jul 23National Holiday (additional day)
JordanThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
JordanWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
JordanTue, Jul 20National Holiday (additional day)
JordanMon, Jul 19National Holiday
KazakhstanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
KenyaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
KosovoTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Kuwait Jul 18, Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
KuwaitThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitTue, Jul 20National Holiday
KuwaitSun, Jul 18Government Holiday (additional day)
KyrgyzstanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
LebanonTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Libya Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
LibyaThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
MadagascarTue, Jul 20National Holiday
MaldivesTue, Jul 20National Holiday
MaliTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Mauritania Jul 20, Jul 21
MauritaniaWed, Jul 21National Holiday
MauritaniaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Morocco Jul 20, Jul 21
MoroccoWed, Jul 21Government Holiday
MoroccoTue, Jul 20National Holiday
MyanmarWed, Jul 21National Holiday
NepalWed, Jul 21National Holiday
Niger Jul 20, Jul 21
NigerWed, Jul 21National Holiday
NigerTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Nigeria Jul 20, Jul 21
NigeriaWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
NigeriaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Oman Jul 18, Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
OmanThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
OmanWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
OmanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
OmanSun, Jul 18National Holiday (additional day)
Pakistan Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
PakistanThu, Jul 22National Holiday
PakistanWed, Jul 21National Holiday
PakistanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Palestine Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
PalestineThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
PalestineWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
PalestineTue, Jul 20National Holiday
PhilippinesTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Qatar Jul 18, Jul 19, Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22, Jul 23, Jul 24, Jul 25
QatarSun, Jul 25Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarSat, Jul 24Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarFri, Jul 23Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
QatarWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
QatarTue, Jul 20National Holiday
QatarTue, Jul 20National Holiday (additional day)
QatarMon, Jul 19Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarSun, Jul 18Government Holiday (additional day)
RwandaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Saudi Arabia Jul 18, Jul 19, Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22, Jul 23, Jul 24
Saudi ArabiaSat, Jul 24Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaFri, Jul 23Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaThu, Jul 22National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaWed, Jul 21National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaTue, Jul 20Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaMon, Jul 19Government Holiday
Saudi ArabiaSun, Jul 18Government Holiday
SenegalWed, Jul 21National Holiday
Sierra LeoneTue, Jul 20National Holiday
SomaliaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
South Sudan Jul 20, Jul 21
South SudanWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
South SudanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Spain Jul 20, Jul 21
MelillaWed, Jul 21Regional Holiday
CeutaTue, Jul 20Regional Holiday
Sri LankaWed, Jul 21National Holiday
SudanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
SurinameTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Syria Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
SyriaThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
SyriaWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
SyriaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
TajikistanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
TanzaniaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
TogoTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Tunisia Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
TunisiaThu, Jul 22National Holiday
TunisiaWed, Jul 21National Holiday
TunisiaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Turkey Jul 19, Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22, Jul 23
TurkeyFri, Jul 23National Holiday (additional day)
TurkeyThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
TurkeyWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
TurkeyTue, Jul 20National Holiday
TurkeyMon, Jul 19National Holiday (additional day)
TurkmenistanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
UgandaTue, Jul 20National Holiday
United Arab Emirates Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22
United Arab EmiratesThu, Jul 22National Holiday (additional day)
United Arab EmiratesWed, Jul 21National Holiday (additional day)
United Arab EmiratesTue, Jul 20National Holiday
UzbekistanTue, Jul 20National Holiday
Yemen Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22, Jul 23
YemenFri, Jul 23National Holiday
YemenThu, Jul 22National Holiday
YemenWed, Jul 21National Holiday
YemenTue, Jul 20National Holiday
2020 Various Jul 23, Jul 26, Jul 27, Jul 28, Jul 29, Jul 30, Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3, Aug 4, Aug 5, Aug 6
Afghanistan Jul 31, Aug 1
AfghanistanSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
AfghanistanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
AlbaniaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
AlgeriaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Azerbaijan Jul 31, Aug 1
AzerbaijanSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
AzerbaijanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Bahrain Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3, Aug 4
BahrainTue, Aug 4National Holiday (in lieu)
BahrainMon, Aug 3National Holiday (in lieu)
BahrainSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
BahrainSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
BahrainFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Bangladesh Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2
BangladeshSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
BangladeshSat, Aug 1National Holiday
BangladeshFri, Jul 31National Holiday (additional day)
BeninFri, Jul 31National Holiday
BruneiFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Burkina FasoFri, Jul 31National Holiday
BurundiFri, Jul 31National Holiday
CameroonFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Central African RepublicFri, Jul 31National Holiday
ChadFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Comoros Jul 31, Aug 1
ComorosSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
ComorosFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Djibouti Jul 31, Aug 1
DjiboutiSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
DjiboutiFri, Jul 31National Holiday
East TimorFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Egypt Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3
EgyptMon, Aug 3Government Holiday (additional day)
EgyptSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptFri, Jul 31National Holiday
EritreaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
EthiopiaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
GabonFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Gambia Jul 31, Aug 1
GambiaSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
GambiaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
GhanaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
GuineaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Guinea-BissauFri, Jul 31National Holiday
GuyanaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
India Jul 31, Aug 1
Andhra PradeshSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
AssamSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
BiharSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
ChandigarhSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
DelhiSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
GoaSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
GujaratSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
HaryanaSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday (additional day)
JharkhandSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
KarnatakaSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
MaharashtraSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
ManipurSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
MeghalayaSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
MizoramSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
NagalandSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
OdishaSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
PuducherrySat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
PunjabSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
RajasthanSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
Tamil NaduSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
TelanganaSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
TripuraSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
UttarakhandSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
West BengalSat, Aug 1Regional Holiday
KeralaFri, Jul 31Regional Holiday
UttarakhandFri, Jul 31Regional Holiday
IndonesiaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
IranFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Iraq Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3
IraqMon, Aug 3National Holiday
IraqSun, Aug 2National Holiday
IraqSat, Aug 1National Holiday
IraqFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Ivory CoastFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Jordan Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3
JordanMon, Aug 3National Holiday (additional day)
JordanSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
JordanSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
JordanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
KazakhstanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
KenyaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
KosovoFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Kuwait Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3
KuwaitMon, Aug 3National Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
KuwaitFri, Jul 31National Holiday
KyrgyzstanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Lebanon Jul 31, Aug 1
LebanonSat, Aug 1National Holiday
LebanonFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Libya Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2
LibyaSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
MadagascarFri, Jul 31National Holiday
MaldivesFri, Jul 31National Holiday
MaliFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Mauritania Jul 31, Aug 1
MauritaniaSat, Aug 1National Holiday
MauritaniaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Morocco Jul 31, Aug 1
MoroccoSat, Aug 1Government Holiday
MoroccoFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Myanmar Jul 31, Aug 1
MyanmarSat, Aug 1National Holiday
MyanmarFri, Jul 31National Holiday (additional day)
NepalFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Niger Jul 31, Aug 1
NigerSat, Aug 1National Holiday
NigerFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Nigeria Jul 30, Jul 31
NigeriaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
NigeriaThu, Jul 30National Holiday (additional day)
Oman Jul 30, Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3, Aug 4, Aug 5, Aug 6
OmanThu, Aug 6National Holiday (additional day)
OmanWed, Aug 5National Holiday (additional day)
OmanTue, Aug 4National Holiday (additional day)
OmanMon, Aug 3National Holiday (additional day)
OmanSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
OmanSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
OmanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
OmanThu, Jul 30National Holiday
Pakistan Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3
SindhMon, Aug 3Regional Holiday (additional day)
PakistanSun, Aug 2National Holiday
PakistanSat, Aug 1National Holiday
PakistanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Palestine Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2
PalestineSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
PalestineSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
PalestineFri, Jul 31National Holiday
PhilippinesFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Qatar Jul 30, Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3, Aug 4
QatarTue, Aug 4Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarMon, Aug 3Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
QatarSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
QatarFri, Jul 31National Holiday
QatarThu, Jul 30National Holiday (additional day)
RwandaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Saudi Arabia Jul 23, Jul 26, Jul 27, Jul 28, Jul 29, Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3, Aug 4, Aug 5, Aug 6
Saudi ArabiaThu, Aug 6Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaWed, Aug 5Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaTue, Aug 4Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaMon, Aug 3Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaWed, Jul 29National Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaTue, Jul 28Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaMon, Jul 27Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaSun, Jul 26Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaThu, Jul 23Government Holiday (additional day)
SenegalFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Sierra LeoneFri, Jul 31National Holiday
SomaliaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
South Sudan Jul 31, Aug 1
South SudanSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
South SudanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Spain Jul 31
CeutaFri, Jul 31Regional Holiday
MelillaFri, Jul 31Regional Holiday
Sri LankaSat, Aug 1National Holiday
SudanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
SurinameFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Syria Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2
SyriaSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
SyriaSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
SyriaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
TajikistanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Tanzania Jul 31, Aug 1
TanzaniaSat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
TanzaniaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
TogoFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Tunisia Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2
TunisiaSun, Aug 2National Holiday
TunisiaSat, Aug 1National Holiday
TunisiaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Turkey Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3
TurkeyMon, Aug 3National Holiday (additional day)
TurkeySun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
TurkeySat, Aug 1National Holiday (additional day)
TurkeyFri, Jul 31National Holiday
TurkmenistanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
UgandaFri, Jul 31National Holiday
United Arab Emirates Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2
United Arab EmiratesSun, Aug 2National Holiday (additional day)
United Arab EmiratesSat, Aug 1National Holiday
United Arab EmiratesFri, Jul 31National Holiday
UzbekistanFri, Jul 31National Holiday
Yemen Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 2, Aug 3
YemenMon, Aug 3National Holiday
YemenSun, Aug 2National Holiday
YemenSat, Aug 1National Holiday
YemenFri, Jul 31National Holiday
2019 Various Aug 6, Aug 7, Aug 8, Aug 9, Aug 10, Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15
Afghanistan Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13
AfghanistanTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
AfghanistanMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
AfghanistanSun, Aug 11National Holiday
AlbaniaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
AlgeriaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Azerbaijan Aug 12, Aug 13
AzerbaijanTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
AzerbaijanMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Bahrain Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13
BahrainTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
BahrainMon, Aug 12National Holiday
BahrainSun, Aug 11National Holiday (additional day)
Bangladesh Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13
BangladeshTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
BangladeshMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
BangladeshSun, Aug 11National Holiday
BeninMon, Aug 12National Holiday
BruneiMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Burkina FasoMon, Aug 12National Holiday
BurundiMon, Aug 12National Holiday
CameroonSun, Aug 11National Holiday
Central African RepublicMon, Aug 12National Holiday
ChadMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Comoros Aug 11, Aug 12
ComorosMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
ComorosSun, Aug 11National Holiday
Djibouti Aug 11, Aug 12
DjiboutiMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
DjiboutiSun, Aug 11National Holiday
East TimorSun, Aug 11National Holiday
Egypt Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14
EgyptWed, Aug 14Government Holiday (additional day)
EgyptTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
EgyptSun, Aug 11National Holiday
EritreaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
EthiopiaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
GabonSun, Aug 11National Holiday
GambiaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
GhanaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
GuineaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Guinea-BissauMon, Aug 12National Holiday
GuyanaSun, Aug 11National Holiday
India Aug 12
Andhra PradeshMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
Arunachal PradeshMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
AssamMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
BiharMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
ChandigarhMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
ChhattisgarhMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
DelhiMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
GoaMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
GujaratMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
HaryanaMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
Himachal PradeshMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
Jammu and KashmirMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
JharkhandMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
KarnatakaMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
KeralaMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
Madhya PradeshMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
MaharashtraMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
ManipurMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
MeghalayaMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
MizoramMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
NagalandMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
OdishaMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
PuducherryMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
PunjabMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
RajasthanMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
Tamil NaduMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
TelanganaMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
TripuraMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
Uttar PradeshMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
UttarakhandMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
West BengalMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
IndonesiaSun, Aug 11National Holiday
IranSun, Aug 11National Holiday
Iraq Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15
IraqThu, Aug 15National Holiday
IraqWed, Aug 14National Holiday
IraqTue, Aug 13National Holiday
IraqMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Ivory CoastMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Jordan Aug 10, Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14
JordanWed, Aug 14National Holiday (additional day)
JordanTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
JordanMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
JordanSun, Aug 11National Holiday
JordanSat, Aug 10National Holiday (additional day)
KazakhstanSun, Aug 11National Holiday
KenyaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
KosovoMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Kuwait Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13
KuwaitTue, Aug 13National Holiday
KuwaitMon, Aug 12National Holiday
KuwaitSun, Aug 11National Holiday
KyrgyzstanSun, Aug 11National Holiday
LebanonMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Libya Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13
LibyaTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
LibyaSun, Aug 11National Holiday
MadagascarSun, Aug 11National Holiday
Maldives Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15
MaldivesThu, Aug 15National Holiday (additional day)
MaldivesWed, Aug 14National Holiday (additional day)
MaldivesTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
MaldivesMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
MaldivesSun, Aug 11National Holiday
MaliMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Mauritania Aug 12, Aug 13
MauritaniaTue, Aug 13National Holiday
MauritaniaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Morocco Aug 12, Aug 13
MoroccoTue, Aug 13Government Holiday
MoroccoMon, Aug 12National Holiday
MyanmarSun, Aug 11National Holiday
NepalMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Niger Aug 12, Aug 13
NigerTue, Aug 13National Holiday
NigerMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Nigeria Aug 12, Aug 13
NigeriaTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
NigeriaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Oman Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15
OmanThu, Aug 15National Holiday (additional day)
OmanWed, Aug 14National Holiday (additional day)
OmanTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
OmanMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
OmanSun, Aug 11National Holiday
Pakistan Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15
PakistanThu, Aug 15National Holiday
PakistanWed, Aug 14National Holiday
PakistanTue, Aug 13National Holiday
PakistanMon, Aug 12National Holiday
PhilippinesMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Qatar Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15
QatarThu, Aug 15Government Holiday (additional day)
QatarWed, Aug 14National Holiday (additional day)
QatarTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
QatarMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
QatarSun, Aug 11National Holiday
RwandaMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
Saudi Arabia Aug 6, Aug 7, Aug 8, Aug 9, Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15
Saudi ArabiaThu, Aug 15Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaWed, Aug 14Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaSun, Aug 11National Holiday
Saudi ArabiaFri, Aug 9Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaThu, Aug 8Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaWed, Aug 7Government Holiday (additional day)
Saudi ArabiaTue, Aug 6Government Holiday (additional day)
SenegalMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Sierra LeoneMon, Aug 12National Holiday
SomaliaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Spain Aug 12
CeutaMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
MelillaMon, Aug 12Regional Holiday
Sri LankaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
SudanMon, Aug 12National Holiday
SurinameMon, Aug 12National Holiday
TajikistanMon, Aug 12National Holiday
TanzaniaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
TogoMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Tunisia Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14
TunisiaWed, Aug 14National Holiday
TunisiaTue, Aug 13National Holiday
TunisiaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
Turkey Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15
TurkeyThu, Aug 15National Holiday
TurkeyWed, Aug 14National Holiday
TurkeyTue, Aug 13National Holiday
TurkeyMon, Aug 12National Holiday
TurkmenistanMon, Aug 12National Holiday
UgandaMon, Aug 12National Holiday
United Arab Emirates Aug 11, Aug 12, Aug 13
United Arab EmiratesTue, Aug 13National Holiday (additional day)
United Arab EmiratesMon, Aug 12National Holiday (additional day)
United Arab EmiratesSun, Aug 11National Holiday
UzbekistanSun, Aug 11National Holiday
Yemen Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15
YemenThu, Aug 15National Holiday
YemenWed, Aug 14National Holiday
YemenTue, Aug 13National Holiday
YemenMon, Aug 12National Holiday

Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice is the most important feast in the Muslim calendar. It celebrates the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael in submission to Allah's command, before he was stopped by Allah.

  Which countries observe Eid Al Adha in 2022?

When is Eid al-Adha?

Known as Eid al-Adha, Eid ul Adha, Id-ul-Azha, Id-ul-Zuha, Hari Raya Haji or Bakr-id; the 'Feast of Sacrifice is the most important feast of the Muslim calendar.

The festival may also be known as Al Eid Al Kabeer, which means the 'Grand Eid'. It has this more important status as in religious terms as this Eid lasts for four days whereas Eid Al Fitr is one day, even though most countries observe about the same number of public holidays for both Eids.

This festival is celebrated throughout the Muslim world as a commemoration of Prophet Abraham's willingness to sacrifice everything for God.

Eid al-Adha falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah, the twelfth and final month in the Islamic calendar.

As the exact day is based on lunar sightings, the date may vary between countries.

Traditions of Eid Al Adha

Eid al-Adha concludes the Pilgrimage to Mecca. Eid al-Adha lasts for three days and commemorates Ibrahim's (Abraham) willingness to obey God by sacrificing his son.

The same story appears in the Bible and is familiar to Jews and Christians. One key difference is that Muslims believe the son was Ishmael rather than Isaac as told in the Old Testament. Eid Al Lahma, which means the 'meat Eid'

According to the Quran, Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son when a voice from heaven stopped him and allowed him to make something else as a 'great sacrifice'. In the Old Testament, it is a ram that is sacrificed instead of the son.

In Islam, Ishmael is regarded as a prophet and an ancestor of Muhammad.

During the feast of Eid Al Adha, Muslims re-enact Ibrahim's obedience by sacrificing a cow or ram. The family will eat about a third of the meal a third goes to friends and relatives, and the remaining third is donated to the poor and needy.

The giving of charity in the form of money, food or clothes to the homeless or poor is another key tradition of Eid al Adha.

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