Revolution Day June 30 in Egypt in 2021

Revolution Day June 30 in Egypt in 2021

  How long until Revolution Day June 30?
This holiday next takes place in 276 days.
  Dates of Revolution Day June 30 in Egypt
2022 Egypt Thu, Jun 30 National Holiday
2021 Egypt Wed, Jun 30 National Holiday
2020 Egypt Tue, Jun 30 National Holiday
2019 Egypt Sun, Jun 30 National Holiday
2018 Egypt Sun, Jul 1 National Holiday
Anniversary of the protests against President Morsi in 2013

When is Revolution Day June 30?

Revolution Day June 30 is a national holiday in Egypt and is always celebrated on 30 June. If 30 June falls on a Friday or Saturday, the holiday may be moved to the Thursday or Sunday.

It marks the anniversary of the protests against President Morsi in 2013.

History of Revolution Day June 30

President Mubarak resigned in 2011, after mass demonstrations across Egypt ended his 29 year rule. The first ever democratic presidential elections in Egypt tool place in 2012, with Mohamed Morsi becoming president.

Faced with political stalemate in November 2012, Morsi made a constitutional declaration that gave the president increased powers. This move along with ongoing economic issues, energy shortages, lack of security, and diplomatic crises led to widespread resentment against his leadership.

On 30 June, 14 million protesters demonstrated across Egypt against Morsi. This led to a military coup on 3 July removing Morsi from power.

How is Revolution Day June 30 celebrated?

This day has been a public holiday since 2015 and is a paid vacation for employees of both the public and private sectors.

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