Independence of Guayaquil in Ecuador in 2024

Independence of Guayaquil in Ecuador in 2024
Aerial view of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Image by Jorge Alejan Droo
  How long until Independence of Guayaquil?
Independence of Guayaquil
  Dates of Independence of Guayaquil in Ecuador
2025 Ecuador Thu, Oct 9 National Holiday
2024 Ecuador Fri, Oct 11 National Holiday
2023 Ecuador Mon, Oct 9 National Holiday
2022 Ecuador Sun, Oct 9 National Holiday
2021 Oct 8, Oct 9
EcuadorSat, Oct 9National Holiday
EcuadorFri, Oct 8National Holiday (in lieu)

Guayaquil declared independence from Spain in 1820, a key victory for the Ecuadorian War of Independence

When is the Independence of Guayaquil?

The Independence of Guayaquil is a public holiday in Ecuador observed on October 9th each year. If October 9th falls on a weekend, the holiday is usually observed on the closest weekday.

This holiday celebrates the anniversary of the independence of Ecuador's largest city on this day in 1820.

History of the Independence of Guayaquil

In case you were in any doubt as to how seriously Ecuadorians take their freedom, the country has three public holidays dedicated to independence.

Ecuador can claim to be the cradle of independence in Latin America when Quito made the first attempt to throw off the shackles of Spanish colonial rule in August 1809. While that attempt proved unsuccessful, it sowed the seeds of revolution, and on October 9th 1820, the coastal port of Guayaquil became the first city to gain its independence from Spain. 

Cuenca joined Guayaquil when achieved its independence on November 3rd 1820, that's another public holiday.

The rest of Ecuador celebrated independence following victory at the Battle of Pichincha under the command of Simón Bolívar, on May 24th 1822, which completes our hat-trick of Independence holidays.

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