Day of the Martyrs in DR Congo in 2021

Day of the Martyrs in DR Congo in 2021

  How long until Day of the Martyrs?
This holiday next takes place in 106 days.
  Dates of Day of the Martyrs in DR Congo
2022 DR Congo Tue, Jan 4 National Holiday
2021 DR Congo Mon, Jan 4 National Holiday
2020 DR Congo Sat, Jan 4 National Holiday
2019 DR Congo Fri, Jan 4 National Holiday
2018 DR Congo Thu, Jan 4 National Holiday
Day of the Martyrs is a day of remembrance for those who died in protests against Belgian occupation in 1959.

When is the Day of Martyrs?

This public holiday in the Democratic Republic of Congo is observed on January 4th each year.

It is a day that remembers the victims of the violence from human rights violations as well as those who were fighting for justice.

History of the Day of Martyrs

In the late 1950s, the Congolese began to push for their right to be independent from Belgium control.

On January 4th 1959, riots broke out in Léopoldville after police had broken up a meeting of the independence group ABAKO. After two days of violence, 47 people, all Congolese, had been killed and 379 Africans and Europeans had been injured.

And although DR Congo would gain its independence in June 1960, the sacrifice of those who died standing up for their country is remembered on this day.

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