National Day of Community Service (in lieu) in Dominica in 2024

National Day of Community Service (in lieu) in Dominica in 2024
The flag of Dominica features the sisserou parrot, an endangered species found only on Dominica Image via Pixabay
  How long until National Day of Community Service (in lieu)?
National Day of Community Service (in lieu)
  Dates of National Day of Community Service (in lieu) in Dominica
2025 Dominica Tue, Nov 4 National Holiday
2024 Dominica Tue, Nov 5 National Holiday (in lieu)
2023 Dominica Sat, Nov 4 National Holiday (in lieu)
2022 Dominica Fri, Nov 4 National Holiday
2021 Dominica Thu, Nov 4 National Holiday

A day that encourages Dominicans to do volunteer work to improve an area or community

When is Day of Community Service?

Day of Community Service is a national holiday in Dominica on November 4th each year. It is held on the next working day after Independence Day, so it may move from November 4th depending on what day of the week it falls on.

History of Day of Community Service

There are several countries who extend their national day holidays by one day. There are also countries who have a national day of service (In the US, MLK Day and September 11th are days of service), but these are usually not public holidays.

In Dominica, they uniquely combine these two traditions, with the day after Independence Day being the National Day of Community Service. 

The Day of Community Service began as an initiative to clean up the mess left after the independence Day celebrations but has now become a day when all citizens turn out to complete approved community projects in a single day.

Did you know?

Dominica is one of only two countries whose flag features the colour purple. The other is Nicaragua.

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