Day of Memory in Czech Republic in 2020

Day of Memory in Czech Republic in 2020
Iconic images from the Prague Spring in 1968. Image via Office Holidays

  How long until Day of Memory?
This holiday next takes place in 6 days.
  Dates of Day of Memory in Czech Republic
2022 Czech Republic Sun, Aug 21 National Holiday
2021 Czech Republic Sat, Aug 21 National Holiday
2020 Czech Republic Fri, Aug 21 National Holiday
A state holiday that commemorates those who lost their lives during the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops that began in August 1968.

The Day of Memory is a new state holiday to be observed on August 21st each year.

The full name of this holiday is the "Day of Memory of the Victims of the 1968 Invasion and subsequent occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops."

According to the drafters of the legislation, the night of August 20th -21st 1968, was one of the most tragic dates of modern Czechoslovak history.

In 1968, Alexander Dubček was appointed to the key post of First Secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party. Dubček made changes that liberalised the nation, a period known as the Prague Spring. In response, after failing to persuade the Czechoslovak leaders to change course, five other members of the Warsaw Pact invaded, with Soviet tanks rolling into Czechoslovakia on the night of August 20th 1968.

The invasion put an end to the democratisation and the humanist efforts at reform of the Communist system in Czechoslovakia and it also caused the death of many innocent civilians, they added.

This holiday is to commemorate the memory of the victims of the invasion.

The Czech Senate approved the state holiday in December 2019.

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