National Anthem and Flag Day in Curaçao in 2020

National Anthem and Flag Day in Curaçao in 2020
  How long until National Anthem and Flag Day?
This holiday next takes place in 94 days.
  Dates of National Anthem and Flag Day in Curaçao
2022 Curaçao Sat, Jul 2 National Holiday
2021 Curaçao Fri, Jul 2 National Holiday
2020 Curaçao Thu, Jul 2 National Holiday
2019 Curaçao Tue, Jul 2 National Holiday
2018 Curaçao Mon, Jul 2 National Holiday
Marks the adoption of Curaçao's national flag on July 2nd 1984
  Local name
Dag van het volkslied en de Vlag

Located in the south Caribbean Sea, Curaçao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The country's flag was adopted in 1984, designed by Martin Den Dulk.

The blue symbolizes the sky and sea, and the yellow stripe, the sunshine that bathes the island. The two stars represent the islands Curacao and Klein Curacao.

The words of the original 'Anthem of Curaçao' were written by Friar Radulphus in 1898. Until a new melody was written for it in 1930, the words were sung to the tune of the Dutch National anthem. In 1978 the lyrics were rewritten, as the original lyrics were seen as a bit 'colonial'.

Flag Day is celebrated with official ceremonies and cultural events at Plaza Brion and the Village of Barber. 

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