Independence Day in Cuba in 2024

Independence Day in Cuba in 2024
  How long until Independence Day?
Independence Day
  Dates of Independence Day in Cuba
2025 Cuba Fri, Oct 10 National Holiday
2024 Cuba Thu, Oct 10 National Holiday
2023 Cuba Tue, Oct 10 National Holiday
2022 Cuba Mon, Oct 10 National Holiday
2021 Cuba Sun, Oct 10 National Holiday

Marks the date in 1868, that Carlos Manuel de Céspedes made his famous "Grito de Yara", the battle cry and declaration that launched the uprising for Cuban Independence.

  Local name
Dia de la Independencia

When is Cuban Independence Day?

Independence Day is a public holiday in Cuba observed on October 10th.

Also known as the Anniversary of the beginning of the War of Independence, the "Dia de la Independencia" marks the start of Cuba's struggle for independence from Spain in 1868.

History of Cuban Independence Day

At the start of the nineteenth century, the Peninsular Wars in Europe resulted in Napoleon's brother Joseph becoming King of Spain. Feeling no loyalty to this new regime, these events galvanized the independence movement in many Spanish colonies in South America and Central America.

Cuba remained loyal to Spain, but as the century progressed, the enthusiasm for independence didn't wane and there was an increasing resentment against the Spanish administration that was felt to be corrupt and repressive.

On October 10th 1868, a wealthy sugar mill owner, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, and his followers proclaimed independence. This became known as the Grito de Yara ("Cry of Yara") and marked the start of the Ten Year's War.

Though this first war of independence ended with surrender to the Spanish in May 1878, in the longer term it proved to be a key event in Cuba's struggle for independence from Spain, which finally came in December 1898.

The events of October 1868 are also seen as leading directly to the abolition of slavery in Cuba in 1886.

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