Independence Day in Croatia in 2019

Independence Day in Croatia in 2019
  How long until Independence Day?
This holiday next takes place in 20 days.
  Dates of Independence Day in Croatia
2021 Croatia Fri, Oct 8 National Holiday
2020 Croatia Thu, Oct 8 National Holiday
2019 Croatia Tue, Oct 8 National Holiday
2018 Croatia Mon, Oct 8 National Holiday
2017 Croatia Sun, Oct 8 National Holiday
Marks the day in 1991 when Croatia ended all links with Yugoslavia
  Local name
Dan neovisnosti

When is Croatian Independence Day?

This state holiday in Croatia is always celebrated on 8 October.

In Croatian, it is known as 'Dan neovisnosti' and marks the day in 1991 when the Croatian parliament decided to terminate the constitutional links between Croatia and Yugoslavia.

History of Croatian Independence Day

Historically part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire until its collapse at the end of World War I, Croatia was one of the six republics that formed Yugoslavia.

Croatia had declared independence from Yugoslavia on 25 June 1991. This date is commemorated as Croatian Statehood Day.

A week later, Croatia and Slovenia signed the Brioni Declaration in which both countries agreed to a three month moratorium on all secession declarations and acts of parliament while European negotiators attempted to broker an agreement on the future of Yugoslavia.

The talks failed and on 8 October 1991, Croatia moved ahead with its plan for independence.

Independence Day was implemented by the Croatian government in 2001 and was first celebrated on 8 October 2002.

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